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  • The CyberNoise Directives 2016 (Best Of Year 2016)

    by Graham Needham (© 12th December 2016)

    The CyberNoise yearly lists are compiled from the music that has been played the most by the CyberNoise team this year, using various metrics including iTunes play counts, longevity, personal memory and most importantly those albums still on rotation months after their release - they are in no specific order. The gigs of the year and design awards sections are purely CyberNoise's favourites based on what stood out to us the most from this year! Well done to everyone on this year's lists. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    10 Albums Of The Year 2016

    Underworld Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future front cover image picture


    • Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future
    Factory Floor 25 25 front cover image picture

    Factory Floor

    • 25 25
    Paul Haslinger Halt And Catch Fire original television TV series soundtrack front cover image picture

    Paul Haslinger

    • Halt And Catch Fire
    (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
    John Carpenter Lost Themes II front cover image picture

    John Carpenter

    • Lost Themes II
    Wrangler White Glue front cover image picture


    • White Glue
    S U R V I V E Survive RR7349 Relapse Records RR 7349 front cover image picture

    S U R V I V E

    • RR7349
    Yello Toy front cover image picture


    • Toy
    Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Stranger Things original television TV series soundtrack volumes vols 1 and 2 front cover image picture

    Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (of S U R V I V E)

    • Stranger Things Volume 1
    (Original Television Series Soundtrack) • Stranger Things Volume 2
    (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
    Moderat III front cover image picture


    • III
    Concretism Electricity front cover image picture


    • Electricity

    10 Compilations and Reissues 2016

    Pseudo Echo Autumnal Park front cover image picture

    Pseudo Echo

    • Autumnal Park

    limited edition private CD
    Jerry Goldsmith Total Recall front cover image picture

    Jerry Goldsmith

    • Total Recall
    (Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    limited edition expanded 2xCD edition
    Mark Snow The X Files - Vol Volume Three 3 box set Original Television TV Series Soundtrack front cover image picture

    Mark Snow

    • The X Files - Volume Three
    (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

    limited edition 4xCD box set (3000 copies worldwide) Available from La-La Land Records' web site
    The Egyptian Lover 1983 - 1988 front cover image picture

    The Egyptian Lover

    • Egyptian Lover 1983 - 1988

    Digital, 2xCD or 4xLP box set
    Harold Faltermeyer Beverley Hills Cop I front cover image picture Harold Faltermeyer Beverley Hills Cop II front cover image picture

    Harold Faltermeyer

    • Beverley Hills Cop I & II
    (Original Scores)

    limited edition CDs

    Available from La-La Land Records' web site:
    Sandoz #9294 (Collected Works 1992 - 1994) front cover image picture


    • #9294 (Collected Works 1992 - 1994)

    5xCD / digital box set
    Richard H. Kirk #7489 (Collected Works 1974 - 1989) front cover image picture

    Richard H. Kirk

    • #7489 (Collected Works 1974 - 1989)

    8xCD / digital box set
    Noise Unit Grinding Into Emptiness front cover image picture Noise Unit Response Frequency front cover image picture

    Noise Unit

    • Grinding Into Emptiness
    • Response Frequency

    vinyl, CD or digital

    Karl Bartos Communication front cover image picture

    Karl Bartos

    • Communication

    vinyl, CD, digital or ltd box set Box set available from:
    Trocadero's web site
    Front 242 Geography / No Comment / Pulse 2016 box sets front cover image picture

    Front 242

    • Geography / No Comment / Pulse

    vinyl, CD, digital or ltd box sets

    Gigs Of The Year 2016

    9th May

    Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
    Moderat Live In Prague 16th June 2016

    16th June

    Lucerna Velký sál, Prague, Czech Republic

    31st October (Halloween!)

    John Carpenter
    Troxy, London, UK

    3rd December

    Jean-Michel Jarre
    O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic

    Officially Released Live Video Awards 2016

    1st - Die Krupps - Live Im Schatten Der Ringe

    --> Only a few decent electronic music related live concerts were released on video in 2016 and in first place it has to be Die Krupps especially as this video was also released on Blu-Ray!

    Available on DVD or Blu-Ray:

    DVD + 2xCD Blu-Ray + 2xCD

    2nd - Gary Numan - Here In The Black - Live At Hollywood Forever Cemetery

    --> Nuuuuuuman! Nuuuuuuman! Always great to watch live.

    Unfortunately, this DVD has now sold out

    3rd - The Orb - The Orb's Further Adventures Live 2016

    --> And finally some ambience from the seminal Orb.

    Available as 2xDVD, DVD or digital download

    Recommended Documentaries of 2016

    Android In La La Land

    --> The Godfather of electronic pop music (Gary Numan) has moved home, lock stock and apparel to embark on a one-way trip to California, in search of a new life in the sun and new challenges in Hollywood. With him go his wife Gemma, daughters; Raven, Persia and Echo and filmmakers Steve Read & Rob Alexander.

    Available on DVD or Blu-Ray:
    Order online directly from the producers!

    Beep: A Documentary History Of Game Sound

    --> No longer just the "ugly stepchild" of the games industry, Beep traces the history of game sound from the Victorian penny arcades through pinball and to today's massive industry of soundtracks and live music. With clips from over 80 interviews with game composers, sound designers, voice actors and audio directors from around the world, Beep is the definitive documentary on game sound.

    Available on DVD or digital download:
    Order online directly from the producers!

    Design Awards 2016

    1st Karl Bartos - Communication

    LP + CD + 2x7" + USB drive box set (1000 copies worldwide)
    --> Georgous limited edition "deluxe fanbox" box set with vinyl LP, 2x7" singles (Life + 15 Minutes Of Fame), digi-pak remastered CD, USB card (with all audio formats, 12" Remix by Matthew Herbert, Video, Graphics), I'm The Message poster, 3x7" photoprints and 1 photoprint signed by Karl Bartos!

    2nd - Erasure - From Moscow To Mars - An Erasure Anthology

    12xCD + DVD + digital EP box set
    --> Sublime quality from Mute with printed external packaging(!), textured colour box set, 12 CDs(!) and one live DVD (previously unreleased on DVD) + Unreleased Audio Rarities, Exclusive Photobook, Unseen Photos, Postcard Set and Space Passport.

    3rd - Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Volumes 1 & 2 Deluxe Box Set

    2 x box sets (1000 copies worldwide)
    --> 2 lavish (and expensive) box sets that go together (Electronica Volumes 1 & 2 from 2015 and 2016 respectively).

    Jean-Michel Jarre Electronica Volume 1 box set image picture Jean-Michel Jarre Electronica Volume 2 box set image picture

    Recommendations For 2017 - Watch and LISTEN out for them!
    (Oh and BUY their stuff of course…)

    The CyberNoise Directives


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