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Missing Information In The Mute (Company) Catalography

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Catalogue IDArtistTitleLabelDateTypeView
BFFP 021not released?Blast First
BFFP 022not released?Blast First
BFFP 038not released?Blast First
BFFP 049not released?Blast First
BFFP 051not released?Blast First
BFFP 067not released?Blast First
BFFP 070not released?Blast First
BFFP 072not released?Blast First
BFFP 073not released?Blast First
BFFP 074not released?Blast First
BFFP 075not released?Blast First
BFFP 076not released?Blast First
BFFP 077not released?Blast First
BFFP 078not released?Blast First
BFFP 079not released?Blast First
BFFP 085not released?Blast First
BFFP 086not released?Blast First
BFFP 087not released?Blast First
BFFP 088not released?Blast First
BFFP 091not released?Blast First
BFFP 092not released?Blast First
BFFP 094not released?Blast First
BFFP 098not released?Blast First
BFFP 104not released?Blast First
BFFP 106not released?Blast First
BFFP 112not released?Blast First
BFFP 116not released?Blast First
BFFP 117not released?Blast First
BFFP 120not released?Blast First
BFFP 121not released?Blast First
BFFP 122not released?Blast First
BFFP 127not released?Blast First
BFFP 130not released?Blast First
BFFP 131not released?Blast First
BFFP 139not released?Blast First
BFFP 140not released?Blast First
BFFP 148not released?Blast First
BFFP 152not released?Blast First
BFFP 154not released?Blast First
BFFP 155not released?Blast First
BFFP 156not released?Blast First
BFFP 158not released?Blast First
BFFP 164not released?Blast First
BFFP 169not released?Blast First
BFFP 170not released?Blast First
BFFP 171not released?Blast First
BFFP 173not released?Blast First
BFFP 179not released?Blast First
BFFP 181not released?Blast First
BFFP 182not released?Blast First
BFFP 186not released?Blast First
BFFP 188not released?Blast First
BFFP 192not released?Blast First
BFFP 193not released?Blast First
CABS 12Cabaret Voltairenot released?The Grey Area
CABS 27Cabaret Voltairenot released?Mute
CABS 28Cabaret Voltairenot released?Mute
DUNG 34Inspiral Carpetsnot released?Cow
FGR 013not released?Future Groove
FGR 022not released?Future Groove
FGR 026not released?Future Groove
FGR 031not released?Future Groove
FOOT 01not released?Outer RhythmSingle
FOOT 10not released?Outer RhythmSingle
FOOT 13not released?Outer RhythmSingle
IDIOT 003Mobynot released?Little Idiot
IDIOT 009Mobynot released?Little Idiot
IDIOT 016Mobynot released?Little Idiot
IDIOT 021Mobynot released?Little Idiot
IDIOT 028TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 029TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 031TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 032TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 033TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 034TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 035TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 037TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 038TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 039TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 040TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 041TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 042TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 043TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 044TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 047TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 048TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 050TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 051TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 053TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 054TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 055TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 056TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 058TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 059TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 063TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 064TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 065TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 066TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 067TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 068TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 069TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 070TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 071TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 072TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 073TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 074TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 075TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 076TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 077TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 078TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IDIOT 079TBCTBCLittle Idiot
IRREG 01not released?Mute Irregulars
IRREG 02not released?Mute Irregulars
IRREG 03not released?Mute Irregulars
IRREG 05not released?Mute Irregulars
IRREG 08not released?Mute Irregulars
IRREG 09not released?Mute Irregulars
IRREG 14not released?Mute Irregulars
IRREG 15not released?Mute Irregulars
IRREG 17not released?Mute Irregulars
LBACHDVD 4Laibachnot released?MuteVideo
LBACHDVD 5Laibachnot released?MuteVideo
LEFT 16not released?Rhythm KingSingle
LEFT 18not released?Rhythm KingSingle
LEFT 25not released?Rhythm KingSingle
LEFT 38not released?Rhythm KingSingle
LEFT 40not released?Rhythm KingSingle
LEFT 41not released?Rhythm KingSingle
LEFT 42not released?Rhythm KingSingle
LEFTLP 09not released?Rhythm KingAlbum
LEFTLP 13not released?Rhythm KingAlbum
LEFTLP 15not released?Rhythm KingAlbum
LTECH 012TBCTBCLiberation TechnologiesSingle
MD 5Mute Driversnot released?Irradiated RecordsAlbum
MF 015not released?Mute FilmVideo
MF 019not released?Mute FilmVideo
MF 020not released?Mute FilmVideo
MF 022not released?Mute FilmVideo
MF 031not released?Mute FilmVideo
MF 036not released?Mute FilmVideo
MF 039not released?Mute FilmVideo
MF 040not released?Mute FilmVideo
MUS 02not released?Mute USASingle
MUSDJ 013not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 043not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 086not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 087not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 088not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 089not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 094not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 142not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 157not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 158not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 164not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 181not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 196not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 201not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 222not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 4018not released?Mute USA
MUSDJ 4350not released?Mute USA
MUTE 410not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 424not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 448not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 456not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 471not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 472not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 480not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 483not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 489not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 534TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 535TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 536TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 537not released?MuteSingle
MUTE 540TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 544TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 546TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 547TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 548TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 551TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 552TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 554TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 555TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 556TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 558TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 560TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 561TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 563TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 568TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 570TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 572TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 573TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 574TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 576TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 577TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 578TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 579TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 582TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 583TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 588TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 591TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 592TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 593TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 594TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 595TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 598TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 600TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 601TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 602TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 603TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 606TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 612TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 613TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 616TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 620TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 622TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 624TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 626TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 627TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTE 630TBCTBCMuteSingle
MUTESYNTH 1unknownMute SynthMute12 May 2011Memorabilia
MUTESYNTH 2unknownMute SynthMute14 Nov 2014Memorabilia
MUTETT 07not released?Mute Tonträger
MUTETT 09not released?Mute Tonträger
NOMU 067not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 091not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 110not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 118not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 126not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 131not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 147not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 153not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 154not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 162not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 167not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 169not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 175not released?Nova Mute
NOMU 176not released?Nova Mute
PROD 09not released?Product Inc.
PROD 14not released?Product Inc.
PROD 21not released?Product Inc.
PROD 22not released?Product Inc.
SPOON 054TBCTBCSpoon Records
SPOON 059TBCTBCSpoon Records
SPOON 062Irmin SchmidtNocturne (Live at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival)Spoon Records29 May 2020Albumview icon
SPOON 063TBCTBCSpoon Records
SPOON 064TBCTBCSpoon Records
SPOON 065TBCTBCSpoon Records
STUMM 049not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 178not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 193not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 241not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 252not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 265not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 266not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 267not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 268not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 269not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 270not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 292not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 317not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 333not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 366not released?MuteAlbum
STUMM 422TBCTBCMute20 Jul 2018Album
TRAN 06not released?TransglobalSingle
TRAN 10not released?TransglobalSingle
TRAN 11not released?TransglobalSingle
TRAN 13not released?TransglobalSingle
TYPE 2not released?Transglobal
UHU 018Preynot released?Horseglue Records2005Single
XC-NN 2XC-NNnot released?Transglobal

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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