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Výstaviště (Exhibition Grounds)

Alternate names: Prumyslovy Palac
Address: Výstaviště Exhibition Grounds, Holešovice, Prague, Czech Republic


Start DateEnd DateEventViewGigs
CANCELLEDMetronome Festival Prague 2020view iconX
CANCELLEDMetronome Festival Prague 2020view iconX
21 June 201922 June 2019Metronome Festival Prague 2019view iconsetlist icon
22 June 201823 June 2018Metronome Festival Prague 2018view iconsetlist icon


CANCELLEDUnderworldview iconX
CANCELLEDBeckview iconX
CANCELLEDGarbageview iconX
20 August 2018Die Antwoordview iconsetlist icon
23 June 2018The Chemical Brothersview iconsetlist icon
23 June 2018Massive Attackview iconsetlist icon
22 June 2018Kraftwerkview iconsetlist icon
22 June 2018Morcheebaview iconsetlist icon
26 August 2015Holly Johnsonview iconsetlist icon
CANCELLEDNirvana(1)view iconX
CANCELLEDMeat Puppets [support]view iconX
31 May 1992Nazarethview iconsetlist icon
6 May 1992The Jesus And Mary Chainview iconsetlist icon
6 June 1990Billy Braggview iconsetlist icon
6 June 1990Nathalie Merchantview iconsetlist icon
6 June 1990Michael Stipeview iconsetlist icon
6 June 1990The Coal Portersview iconsetlist icon

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