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    ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
    Graeme RevellMusique Brut CollectionAlbumBRUT 11994
    Various ArtistsThe Last Of EnglandAlbumIONIC 0119 Oct 1987
    Various ArtistsWings Of DesireAlbumIONIC 0223 Jul 1988
    Nick Cave, Mick Harvey And Blixa BargeldGhosts Of The Civil DeadAlbumIONIC 0322 Apr 1989
    Barry AdamsonDelusionAlbumIONIC 0431 Jul 1991view icon
    Simon Fisher TurnerThe GardenAlbumIONIC 05Jan 1991view icon
    Mick HarveyAlta Marea & VaterlandAlbumIONIC 0631 Jul 1993
    Michael GibbsIron And SilkAlbumIONIC 0711 May 1991
    Simon Fisher TurnerEdward IIAlbumIONIC 0818 Nov 1991view icon
    Various ArtistsGas, Food, LodgingAlbumIONIC 095 Oct 1992
    Michael GibbsCentury/Close My EyesAlbumIONIC 10Jan 1994
    Michael GibbsHardboiledAlbumIONIC 11Jul 1993
    Various ArtistsHideawayAlbumIONIC 12Jun 1995
    Simon BoswellClive Barker's Lord Of IllusionsAlbumIONIC 13Aug 1995
    Ed TomneySafeAlbumIONIC 1414 Aug 1995view icon
    Nick Cave, Mick Harvey And Blixa BargeldTo Have And To HoldAlbumIONIC 151 Oct 1996
    Simon Fisher TurnerNadjaAlbumIONIC 16Apr 1996view icon
    Mick HarveyAustralian RulesAlbumIONIC 175 Jun 2003
    Simon Fisher TurnerI’ll Sleep When I’m DeadAlbumIONIC 18view icon
    Irmin SchmidtMusk At DuskAlbumIRMIN 1
    Irmin SchmidtImpossible HolidaysAlbumIRMIN 2
    Diamanda GalásThe Litanies Of SatanAlbumISO 1May 1989

    Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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