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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Irmin SchmidtPalermo ShootingAlbum5099926648552view icon
CanCannibalismAlbumSPOON 001/002Jul 1989
CanMonster MovieAlbumSPOON 004Jul 1989
CanSoundtracksAlbumSPOON 005Jul 1989
CanTago MagoAlbumSPOON 006/007Jul 1989
CanEge BamyasiAlbumSPOON 008Jul 1989
CanFuture DaysAlbumSPOON 009Jul 1989
CanSoon Over BabalumaAlbumSPOON 010Jul 1989
Irmin SchmidtToy PlanetAlbumSPOON 011view icon
CanDelayAlbumSPOON 012Jul 1989
Holger Czukay & Rolf DammersCanaxisAlbumSPOON 015Jan 1995view icon
Michael Karoli & Polly EstesDelugeAlbumSPOON 016Feb 1995
Jaki LiebezeitNowhereAlbumSPOON 017Feb 1995view icon
CanCannibalism IIAlbumSPOON 021Nov 1992
CanCannibalism IIIAlbumSPOON 022Jan 1995
CanUnlimited EditionAlbumSPOON 023/024Jul 1991
CanLandedAlbumSPOON 025Jul 1991
CanFlow MotionAlbumSPOON 026Jul 1991
CanSaw DelightAlbumSPOON 027Jul 1991
CanCanAlbumSPOON 028Jul 1991
CanRite TimeAlbumSPOON 029Oct 1994
CanAnthology - 25 Years (1968-1993)AlbumSPOON 030/031Oct 1994
Irmin SchmidtAnthology - Soundtracks 1978-1993AlbumSPOON 032/033/034Oct 1994view icon
Holger CzukayMoviesAlbumSPOON 035Jan 1998view icon
Holger CzukayIn The Way To The Peak of NormalAlbumSPOON 036Jan 1998view icon
Irmin SchmidtMusk At Dusk / Impossible DaysAlbumSPOON 037/038Jan 1998view icon
CanSacrilegeAlbumSPOON 039/040May 1997
CanCan BoxBox SetSPOON 041Mar 1999
CanCan LiveAlbumSPOON 042/043Sep 1999
Irmin SchmidtGormenghastAlbumSPOON 044Jan 2000view icon
Irmin Schmidt with KumoMasters Of ConfusionAlbumSPOON 0452001view icon
Kumo1+1=1AlbumSPOON 0462000view icon
CanI Want MoreAlbumSPOON 0472006
CanCan DVDVideoSPOON 047DVD2003
Irmin Schmidt with KumoAxolotl EyesAlbumSPOON 04814 Apr 2008view icon
Irmin Schmidt with KumoFlies, Guys And ChoirsVideoSPOON 0498 Dec 2008view icon
Irmin SchmidtPalermo ShootingAlbumSPOON 0502008view icon
CanOut Of ReachAlbumSPOON 05118 Aug 2014
Irmin SchmidtFilmmusik Anthology Volume 4 & 5AlbumSPOON 052/0535 Oct 2009view icon
CanThe Lost TapesBox SetSPOON 05518 Jun 2012
CyclopeanCyclopean EPSingleSPOON 05611 Feb 2013view icon
Irmin SchmidtVilla WunderbarAlbumSPOON 057/0584 Nov 2013view icon
CanThe SinglesAlbumSPOON 06016 Jun 2017
Irmin Schmidt5 KlavierstückeAlbumSPOON 06123 Nov 2018view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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