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    ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
    Baby FordOochy Koochy (F.U. Baby Yeh Yeh)SingleBFORD 01view icon
    Baby FordChikki Chikki Ahh AhhSingleBFORD 02view icon
    Baby FordFord TraxAlbumBFORD 03view icon
    Baby FordChildren Of The RevolutionSingleBFORD 04view icon
    Baby Ford'Ooo' The World Of Baby FordAlbumBFORD 05view icon
    Baby FordBeach BumpSingleBFORD 06view icon
    Baby FordChangeSingleBFORD 07view icon
    Baby FordIn Your BloodSingleBFORD 08view icon
    Baby FordBFORD 9AlbumBFORD 09view icon
    Baby FordFetishSingleBFORD 10view icon
    The DharmasRunawaySingleDHAR 1view icon
    The Dharmas3 Miles HighSingleDHAR 2view icon
    The DharmasLiving For TodaySingleDHAR 3view icon
    The DharmasChannel HopperSingleDHAR 4view icon
    Bomb The BassBeat DisSingleDOOD 1Jan 1988view icon
    Bomb The BassDon’t Make Me WaitSingleDOOD 2Aug 1988view icon
    Bomb The BassSay A Little PrayerSingleDOOD 3Nov 1988view icon
    Bomb The BassLove So TrueSingleDOOD 4Jan 1991view icon
    Bomb The BassWinter In JulySingleDOOD 51991view icon
    Bomb The BassWinter In JulySingleDOOD 61991view icon
    Bomb The BassInto The DragonAlbumDOODLP 01Oct 1988view icon
    Nation 12RememberSingleEBU 1view icon
    Nation 12ElectrofearSingleEBU 2view icon
    Q-PidMy Latin LoverSingleLEFT 011986view icon
    MerlinBorn FreeSingleLEFT 021988view icon
    Dr. FreshIs This The American DreamSingleLEFT 02T1986view icon
    Three Wize MenUrban HellSingleLEFT 031986view icon
    Toney RomeRock This WaySingleLEFT 041986view icon
    TanyaWaiting To Be FoundSingleLEFT 051986view icon
    Bailey & BridgesCome And Get ItSingleLEFT 061986view icon
    Three Wize MenRefresh YourselfSingleLEFT 071986view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveKray TwinsSingleLEFT 081986view icon
    Denise MottoTell Jack (Jack The House)SingleLEFT 091987view icon
    HotlineRock This HouseSingleLEFT 101986view icon
    The BeatmastersRok Da HouseSingleLEFT 111987view icon
    The Cookie CrewFemales [Get On Up]SingleLEFT 121987view icon
    Shawnie 'G'Mission ImpossibleSingleLEFT 131987view icon
    Pablo GadWho Is The Terrorist?SingleLEFT 141987view icon
    Gwen McRaeFunky SensationSingleLEFT 151987view icon
    not released?SingleLEFT 16
    HotlineHellhouseSingleLEFT 171987view icon
    not released?SingleLEFT 18
    Three Wize MenCruising For A BruisingSingleLEFT 191988view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveCocaine SexSingleLEFT 201987view icon
    S'ExpressTheme From S-ExpressSingleLEFT 215 Apr 1988view icon
    MerlinBorn FreeSingleLEFT 221988view icon
    FascinationThese Things HappenSingleLEFT 231988view icon
    HotlineStay AwaySingleLEFT 241988view icon
    not released?SingleLEFT 25
    SafireLet Me Be The OneSingleLEFT 261988view icon
    The BeatmastersBurn It Up SingleLEFT 271988view icon
    S'ExpressSuperfly GuySingleLEFT 281988view icon
    Jay StrongmanEast WestSingleLEFT 291988view icon
    S'ExpressHey Music LoverSingleLEFT 301989view icon
    The BeatmastersWho's In The HouseSingleLEFT 311989view icon
    MerlinWeekend GirlSingleLEFT 321989view icon
    Les Negresses VertesThe Fly (Zobi La Mouche)SingleLEFT 331989view icon
    The BeatmastersHey DJSingleLEFT 341989view icon
    S'ExpressMantra For A State Of MindSingleLEFT 351989view icon
    Man MachineMan MachineSingleLEFT 361989view icon
    The BeatmastersWarm LoveSingleLEFT 371989view icon
    not released?SingleLEFT 38
    Betty BooDoin' The DoSingleLEFT 391990view icon
    not released?SingleLEFT 40
    not released?SingleLEFT 41
    not released?SingleLEFT 42
    Betty BooWhere Are You Baby?SingleLEFT 431990view icon
    The BeatmastersDunno What It Is (About You)SingleLEFT 441991view icon
    Betty Boo24 HoursSingleLEFT 451990view icon
    Sludge NationWisehead EPSingleLEFT 461996view icon
    Sludge NationBlow Your Speakers With Sludge NationAlbumLEFT 471996view icon
    Sludge NationMonkey On My BackSingleLEFT 481997view icon
    Sludge NationOne Last RushSingleLEFT 491997view icon
    Three Wize MenG. B. BoyzAlbumLEFTLP 011988view icon
    Various ArtistsRob Olson's Chicago Jack Beat Vol One TwoAlbumLEFTLP 021987view icon
    Various ArtistsRob Olson's Chicago Jack Beat - The True Picture Of HouseAlbumLEFTLP 031986view icon
    Various ArtistsParadise A Go-Go - Washington D.C. Go Go CompilationAlbumLEFTLP 041987view icon
    Various ArtistsMove - The Rhythm KingdomAlbumLEFTLP 051987view icon
    Various ArtistsAn Introduction To Latin Hip-HopAlbumLEFTLP 061988view icon
    Various ArtistsRhythm King - Bumper IssueAlbumLEFTLP 071989view icon
    S'ExpressOriginal SoundtrackAlbumLEFTLP 081989view icon
    not released?AlbumLEFTLP 09
    The BeatmastersAnywayawannaAlbumLEFTLP 101989view icon
    Les Negresses VertesMlahAlbumLEFTLP 111989view icon
    Betty BooBoomaniaAlbumLEFTLP 121990view icon
    not released?AlbumLEFTLP 13
    S'ExpressintercourseAlbumLEFTLP 141990view icon
    not released?AlbumLEFTLP 15
    Various ArtistsBeat This! The AlbumAlbumLEFTLP 16 1990view icon
    S'ExpressNothing To LoseSingleSEXY 120 Aug 1990view icon
    S'ExpressFind 'Em, Fool 'Em, Forget 'EmSingleSEXY 21991view icon
    S'ExpressTheme From S-Express (The Return Trip)SingleSEXY 91996view icon

    Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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