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    ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
    Various ArtistsThe Techno Sound Of BerlinAlbum30021992
    Various ArtistsBerlin 1992 - Tresor Kompilation - Der Klang Der FamilieAlbum30031992view icon
    G.T.O.Love Is EverywhereSingle30041993view icon
    Various ArtistsTresor 2: Berlin/Detroit A Techno AllianceAlbum30061993view icon
    Various ArtistsProbe Mission USAAlbum30091993
    Various ArtistsThe Novamute SamplerAlbum30121993
    Various ArtistsNovaMute Version 1.1Album30131993view icon
    2nd GenSchlangenfarmAlbum30141993
    PlastikmanSheet OneAlbum30157 Oct 1993view icon
    Juno ReactorTransmissionsAlbum301618 Oct 1993view icon
    Various ArtistsMEGAMIX II Mixed By Mark GageAlbum30181993
    PlastikmanRecycled PlastikAlbum301911 Apr 1994view icon
    PlastikmanMusikAlbum30287 Nov 1994view icon
    Various ArtistsTresor 3: New Directions In Global TechnoAlbum30291995view icon
    JB3BelieverSingle3030Sep 1996view icon
    Darren PriceUnder The Flight PathAlbum3034Jun 1997view icon
    Emmanuel TopSpheriqueSingle30351996
    Emmanuel TopAsteroidAlbum3036Oct 1996view icon
    Darren PriceLose No TimeSingle3037May 1997view icon
    The Blunted Boy WonderCrossroadsAlbum30381997
    Various ArtistsNovaMute KompilationAlbum30401998
    Luke SlaterFreek FunkAlbum304120 Oct 1997view icon
    Luke SlaterFreek Funk EPSingle304222 Sep 1997view icon
    Space DJzRate Of ChangeSingle3043Oct 1997view icon
    Steve StollThe Blunted Boy WonderAlbum3046Mar 1998view icon
    Luke SlaterLove (Loved)Single304720 Jul 1998view icon
    PlastikmanArtifakts (B.C.)Album304912 Nov 1998view icon
    Speedy JA Shocking HobbyAlbum305110 Apr 2000view icon
    Luke SlaterWirelessAlbum30524 Oct 1999view icon
    Luke SlaterAll Exhale (1st Release)Single305413 Sep 1999view icon
    Luke SlaterBody Freefall, Electronic Inform #1Single305627 Mar 2000view icon
    Luke SlaterBody Freefall, Electronic Inform #2Single305727 Mar 2000view icon
    Cristian VogelRescate 137Album3058Sep 2000view icon
    Cristian VogelLa Isla PiscolaSingle30612001view icon
    2nd GenMusicians Are MoronsSingle30632001
    S.I. FuturesThe Mission StatementAlbum30653 Sep 2001view icon
    Soul CenterIIIAlbum30662002view icon
    S.I. FuturesFreestyle DiscoSingle3067Nov 2001view icon
    Speedy JBugmodSingle30702 May 2002view icon
    Speedy JLoudboxerAlbum30712002view icon
    Cabaret VoltaireNag Nag NagSingle30722002
    Various Artists2CDs and MP3sAlbum30742003view icon
    T.RaumschmiereRadio BlackoutAlbum30792003view icon
    PlastikmanDisconnectSingle30802003view icon
    PlastikmanCloserAlbum30812003view icon
    T.RaumschmiereRabaukendiskoSingle30822003view icon
    Throbbing GristleMutant TGAlbum30832004view icon
    T.RaumschmiereA Million BrothersSingle30842004view icon
    T.RaumschmiereSick Like MeSingle30852005view icon
    T.RaumschmiereBlitzkrieg PopAlbum308623 Aug 2005view icon
    T.RaumschmiereBlitzkrieg PopSingle30882005view icon
    Speedy J & Chris LiebingCollabs 3000: MetalismAlbum30892005view icon
    Various ArtistsFriend Of Mute: Evidence >>> Fall 2002AlbumFRIEND 12002
    Various ArtistsFriend Of Mute: Spring 2003AlbumFRIEND 22003
    Various ArtistsFriend Of Mute: Evidence / Winter 2003AlbumFRIEND 32003
    LostTen CommandmentsSingleNOMU 001May 1992view icon
    TotalisMaelstromSingleNOMU 002Jun 1992view icon
    ElevationCan You Feel ItSingleNOMU 0031992view icon
    Various ArtistsBerlin 1992 - Tresor Kompilation - Der Klang Der FamilieAlbumNOMU 004Aug 1992view icon
    3 PhaseDer Klang Der FamilieSingleNOMU 005Nov 1992view icon
    Unity 3The Age Of Love SuiteSingleNOMU 006Oct 1992view icon
    Various ArtistsProbe Mission 1SingleNOMU 007Jan 1993view icon
    G.T.O.Love Is EverywhereSingleNOMU 008Dec 1992view icon
    Spirit FeelForbidden ChantSingleNOMU 009Mar 1993view icon
    Various ArtistsProbe Mission 2SingleNOMU 010Jun 1994view icon
    DoofDisposable Hymns To The InfiniteSingleNOMU 011May 1993view icon
    CompufonicThe Sound Of CompufonicSingleNOMU 012May 1993view icon
    Various ArtistsKompilationAlbumNOMU 0131998view icon
    Various ArtistsTresor 2: Berlin/Detroit A Techno AllianceAlbumNOMU 014May 1993view icon
    Karl Axel BisslerThe GatewaySingleNOMU 015May 1993view icon
    Darren PriceThe Attic / MechanizeSingleNOMU 016Oct 1995view icon
    Various ArtistsNovaMute Version 1.1AlbumNOMU 017Oct 1993view icon
    Darren PriceBlueprintsSingleNOMU 018Mar 1996view icon
    JB3BelieverSingleNOMU 019Sep 1996view icon
    Death Before DiscoMinistry/Celestial SymphonySingleNOMU 020Oct 1993view icon
    3MBJazz Is The TeacherSingleNOMU 021Sep 1993view icon
    PlastikmanSheet OneAlbumNOMU 0227 Oct 1993view icon
    2nd GenSchlangenfarmAlbumNOMU 023Nov 1993view icon
    Juno ReactorTransmissionsAlbumNOMU 02418 Oct 1993view icon
    PlastikmanKrakpotSingleNOMU 025Dec 1993view icon
    Juno ReactorLaughing GasSingleNOMU 02627 Sep 1993view icon
    Juno ReactorHigh Energy ProtonsSingleNOMU 02716 May 1994view icon
    PlastikmanSpastikSingleNOMU 028Jan 1993view icon
    IndikaBalticSingleNOMU 029Apr 1994view icon
    PlastikmanRecycled PlastikAlbumNOMU 03011 Apr 1994view icon
    AftraxIn SenserSingleNOMU 031Sep 1995view icon
    Voodoo ChildDemons/HorsesSingleNOMU 032Jul 1994view icon
    Darren PriceLose No TimeSingleNOMU 033May 1997view icon
    PlastikmanPlastiqueSingleNOMU 034Oct 1994view icon
    RobotmanDo Da DooSingleNOMU 035Aug 1994view icon
    PlastikmanSicknessSingleNOMU 036Jul 1997view icon
    PlastikmanMusikAlbumNOMU 0377 Nov 1994view icon
    Emmanuel TopLobotomieSingleNOMU 038Nov 1994view icon
    NetworkAnechoic ConditionsSingleNOMU 039Nov 1994view icon
    FawnFawn EPSingleNOMU 040Oct 1995view icon
    2nd GenSnafu Sessions EPSingleNOMU 0411998view icon
    Nitzer EbbShame (Remix)SingleNOMU 04218 Jun 2001view icon
    Various ArtistsTresor 3: New Directions In Global TechnoAlbumNOMU 043Apr 1995view icon
    2nd GenAgainst NatureSingleNOMU 0441998view icon
    Steve StollModel TSingleNOMU 045Feb 1998view icon
    Emmanuel Top[Sferik]SingleNOMU 046Sep 1996view icon
    The Blunted Boy WonderTimesSquareSingleNOMU 047Apr 1996view icon
    Darren PriceUnder The Flight PathAlbumNOMU 048Jun 1997view icon
    JB3Forklift (The Remixes)SingleNOMU 049Nov 1996view icon
    JB3Close GrindAlbumNOMU 050Nov 1996view icon
    Emmanuel TopAsteroidAlbumNOMU 051Oct 1996view icon
    Space DJzSpace DJ'z EPSingleNOMU 052Mar 1997view icon
    Speedy JNi Go SnixSingleNOMU 053Mar 1997view icon
    Speedy JPublic Energy Number 1AlbumNOMU 05421 Apr 1997view icon
    JB3Through The MixerSingleNOMU 055Nov 1997view icon
    Luke SlaterFreek Funk EPSingleNOMU 05622 Sep 1997view icon
    Luke SlaterFreek FunkAlbumNOMU 05720 Oct 1997view icon
    The Blunted Boy WonderCrossroadsSingleNOMU 058Jun 1997view icon
    Space DJzRate Of ChangeSingleNOMU 059Oct 1997view icon
    Speedy JPatternsSingleNOMU 060Jun 1997view icon
    PlastikmanArtifakts (B.C.)AlbumNOMU 06112 Nov 1998view icon
    Luke SlaterLove (Loved)SingleNOMU 06220 Jul 1998view icon
    2nd GenAnd / OrSingleNOMU 063Jan 2001view icon
    Steve StollThe Blunted Boy WonderAlbumNOMU 064Mar 1998view icon
    PlastikmanConsumedAlbumNOMU 065May 1998view icon
    Luke SlaterAll Exhale (1st Release)SingleNOMU 06613 Sep 1999view icon
    not released?NOMU 067
    2nd GenIrony IsAlbumNOMU 0685 Mar 2001view icon
    Speedy JIEEE Mitten MenuSingleNOMU 069May 1999view icon
    Luke SlaterWirelessAlbumNOMU 0704 Oct 1999view icon
    Speedy JKrekcSingleNOMU 0712001view icon
    Richie HawtinDecks, EFX & 909AlbumNOMU 0721999view icon
    S.I. FuturesWe Are Not A Rock BandSingleNOMU 07320 Aug 2001view icon
    Speedy JA Shocking HobbyAlbumNOMU 07410 Apr 2000view icon
    Luke SlaterBody Freefall, Electronic InformSingleNOMU 07527 Mar 2000view icon
    S.I. FuturesFreestyle DiscoSingleNOMU 07612 Nov 2001view icon
    Cristian VogelRescate 137AlbumNOMU 077Sep 2000view icon
    Cristian VogelWhipaspankSingleNOMU 078Oct 2000view icon
    Luke SlaterAll Exhale (2nd Release)SingleNOMU 0794 Sep 2000view icon
    Various ArtistsPlus 8 Classics 1990-1997AlbumNOMU 0809 Oct 2000view icon
    Cristian VogelLa Isla PiscolaSingleNOMU 0812001view icon
    Hans WeekhoutHang On To The BodySingleNOMU 0822001view icon
    2nd GenMusicians Are MoronsAlbumNOMU 0832001view icon
    Tim WrightSearcher / The WalkSingleNOMU 0842001view icon
    S.I. FuturesThe Mission StatementAlbumNOMU 0853 Sep 2001view icon
    S.I. FuturesEurostarSingleNOMU 0862 Mar 2002view icon
    1st BassSlam Me DownSingleNOMU 0872001view icon
    NeedledustWuh! / SpeedfreekSingleNOMU 0882002view icon
    Soul CenterIIIAlbumNOMU 0892002view icon
    Richie HawtinDE9: Closer To The EditAlbumNOMU 0902001view icon
    not released?NOMU 091
    Speedy JBugmodSingleNOMU 0922 May 2002view icon
    Speedy JLoudboxerAlbumNOMU 0932002view icon
    Richie HawtinDE9: Closer To The (R)editSingleNOMU 0942002view icon
    Nitzer EbbLet Your Body Learn (Remix)SingleNOMU 095Sep 2002view icon
    Tim WrightGoing Down / The LungeSingleNOMU 0968 Jul 2002view icon
    DebasserFat GirlsSingleNOMU 09724 Jun 2002view icon
    Steve StollObserverSingleNOMU 0989 Sep 2002view icon
    S.I. BeggMoveupSingleNOMU 0992 Jun 2003view icon
    PlastikmanCloserAlbumNOMU 10020 Oct 2003view icon
    Earnest HonestScratch AttackSingleNOMU 10116 Sep 2002view icon
    UmekTikonal / Zalonex / Kontol / RevazonSingleNOMU 1022002view icon
    Cabaret VoltaireNag Nag Nag (Remix)SingleNOMU 1037 Oct 2002view icon
    Acid CasualsFilthy Pitch / CodeSingleNOMU 1042002view icon
    Speedy JTangaSingleNOMU 1052003view icon
    Tim WrightThirstAlbumNOMU 10626 Apr 2004view icon
    S.I. BeggDirector's CutAlbumNOMU 10723 Jun 2003view icon
    T.RaumschmiereRadio BlackoutAlbumNOMU 1082003view icon
    Richie Hawtin & Sven VäthThe Sound Of The Third SeasonAlbumNOMU 10928 Oct 2002view icon
    not released?NOMU 110
    PlastikmanDisconnectSingleNOMU 11129 Sep 2003view icon
    S.I. BeggBussSingleNOMU 11219 Jan 2004view icon
    Tim WrightAddictedSingleNOMU 1132003view icon
    Tim WrightThe RideSingleNOMU 11412 Apr 2004view icon
    Richie HawtinThe Tunnel / Twin CitiesSingleNOMU 1152005view icon
    Tim WrightOxygen (Remixes)SingleNOMU 11624 Oct 2004view icon
    Various Artists2CDs and MP3sAlbumNOMU 1177 Apr 2003view icon
    not released?NOMU 118
    DebasserDark SmileSingleNOMU 1192003view icon
    Miss KittinI ComAlbumNOMU 12031 May 2004view icon
    Cabaret VoltaireYashar RemixesSingleNOMU 1215 May 2003view icon
    Throbbing GristleMutant TGAlbumNOMU 1228 Mar 2004view icon
    Motor0503SingleNOMU 1237 Jul 2003view icon
    T.RaumschmiereMonstertruck DriverAlbumNOMU 12414 Jul 2003view icon
    Cutlass SupremeUK BassSingleNOMU 1252003view icon
    not released?NOMU 126
    Nitzer EbbMurderous (Remix)SingleNOMU 12726 Jan 2004view icon
    T.RaumschmiereRabaukendiskoSingleNOMU 1282003view icon
    UmekTelontolSingleNOMU 1292003view icon
    Speedy J & Adam BeyerCollabs 100SingleNOMU 1302003view icon
    not released?NOMU 131
    Speedy J & LiteronCollabs 200SingleNOMU 13223 Feb 2004view icon
    Luke SlaterTraktion ActionSingleNOMU 1338 Dec 2003view icon
    T.RaumschmiereA Million BrothersSingleNOMU 13410 May 2004view icon
    Miss KittinProfessional DistortionSingleNOMU 13517 May 2004view icon
    Speedy J & Chris LiebingCollabs 300SingleNOMU 1362004view icon
    Adam Beyer & LenkHeartbreakSingleNOMU 1372004view icon
    Miss KittinRequiem For A HitSingleNOMU 13827 Sep 2004view icon
    S.I. BeggRevolutionSingleNOMU 1398 Nov 2004view icon
    Miss KittinHappy ViolentineSingleNOMU 14014 Feb 2005view icon
    Speedy J & Chris LiebingCollabs 301SingleNOMU 14131 Jan 2005view icon
    Woody McBridePscenarioSingleNOMU 14228 Mar 2005view icon
    MeloboyHot LoveSingleNOMU 1437 Mar 2005view icon
    T.RaumschmiereSick Like MeSingleNOMU 1446 Jun 2005view icon
    MotorStuka StuntSingleNOMU 14525 Apr 2005view icon
    T.RaumschmiereBlitzkrieg PopAlbumNOMU 14612 Sep 2005view icon
    not released?NOMU 147
    MotorSweatboxSingleNOMU 14825 Jul 2005view icon
    Cristian VogelStation 55AlbumNOMU 1494 Jul 2005view icon
    Richie HawtinDE9 / TransitionsAlbumNOMU 15031 Oct 2005view icon
    Cristian Vogel1968.HolesSingleNOMU 15120 Jun 2005view icon
    LawrenceSwapSingleNOMU 1522 May 2005view icon
    not released?NOMU 153
    not released?NOMU 154
    LawrenceThe Night Will Last ForeverAlbumNOMU 1552005view icon
    Speedy J & George IssakidisCollabs 400SingleNOMU 1562005view icon
    T.RaumschmiereBlitzkrieg PopSingleNOMU 1572005view icon
    LawrenceThe Night Will Last ForeverSingleNOMU 1588 Aug 2005view icon
    S.I. BeggRevelationSingleNOMU 1591 Dec 2005view icon
    Speedy J & Chris LiebingCollabs 3000: MetalismAlbumNOMU 1602005view icon
    T.RaumschmiereA Very Loud LullabySingleNOMU 16112 Dec 2005view icon
    not released?NOMU 162
    Speedy J & George IssakidisCollabs 401SingleNOMU 16327 Feb 2006view icon
    Miss KittinLive At SonarAlbumNOMU 1642006view icon
    MotorSweatbox (Chris Liebing Remix)SingleNOMU 16512 Dec 2005view icon
    Nitzer EbbBody ReworkAlbumNOMU 16624 Jul 2006view icon
    not released?NOMU 167
    MotorBlack PowderSingleNOMU 16818 Apr 2006view icon
    not released?NOMU 169
    MotorKlunkAlbumNOMU 17024 Apr 2006view icon
    Nitzer EbbControl I'm Here (Remix)SingleNOMU 1712006view icon
    Phil KieranSkyhookSingleNOMU 1722007view icon
    Motor1X1SingleNOMU 17323 Oct 2006view icon
    MotorBleep #1SingleNOMU 17412 Mar 2007view icon
    not released?NOMU 175
    not released?NOMU 176
    MotorUnhumanAlbumNOMU 17725 Jun 2007view icon
    MotorFlashbackSingleNOMU 17825 Feb 2008view icon
    Nicolas BougaïeffCognitive ResonanceSingleNOMU 17929 Sep 2017view icon
    Terence FixmerDance Of The CometsSingleNOMU 1803 Nov 2017view icon
    Charlotte de WitteBrussels EPSingleNOMU 18126 Jan 2018view icon
    TBCNOMU 182
    TBCNOMU 183
    TBCNOMU 184
    TBCNOMU 185
    TBCNOMU 186
    TBCNOMU 187
    TBCNOMU 188
    TBCNOMU 189
    TBCNOMU 190
    Various ArtistsNovaMute > SoundpageAlbumNOVASLUT11997

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