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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
GoldfrappWonderful Electric - Live In LondonVideoFRAPP 126 Aug 2004view icon
Einstürzende NeubautenStrategies Against ArchitectureVideoMF 0011992view icon
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Road To God Knows WhereVideoMF 0021990view icon
Depeche ModeStrange Too (Another Violation By Anton Corbijn)VideoMF 003Oct 1990view icon
Inspiral Carpets21790 LiveVideoMF 0041990view icon
Cabaret VoltaireDoublevision Present; Cabaret Voltaire.VideoMF 0054 Oct 2004view icon
ErasureInnocents LiveVideoMF 006Jan 1988view icon
Depeche Mode101VideoMF 007Mar 1989view icon
ErasureThe Tank, The Swan And The Balloon - Live!VideoMF 008Mar 1993view icon
Various ArtistsExhibit 1: Visible EvidenceVideoMF 0091991view icon
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLive At The ParadisoVideoMF 010Nov 1992view icon
Renegade SoundwaveIn VideoVideoMF 0111991view icon
Various ArtistsFATVideoMF 0121991
Various ArtistsBoardheadzVideoMF 0131991view icon
Einstürzende Neubauten1/2 MenschVideoMF 0141992view icon
not released?VideoMF 015
ErasurePop! The First Twenty HitsVideoMF 016Nov 1992view icon
Diamanda GalásJudgement DayVideoMF 017Oct 1993view icon
ErasureAbba-Esque EPVideoMF 0181992view icon
not released?VideoMF 019
not released?VideoMF 020
Depeche ModeThe World We Live In and Live In HamburgVideoMF 0211985view icon
not released?VideoMF 022
Depeche ModeDevotionalVideoMF 02323 Nov 1993view icon
Depeche ModeSome Great VideosVideoMF 024Oct 1985view icon
ErasureLive At The SeasideVideoMF 0251987view icon
Depeche ModeStrangeVideoMF 02612 Jul 1988view icon
ErasureWild! Live At The London ArenaVideoMF 027Jan 1989view icon
Inspiral CarpetsThe SinglesVideoMF 028
Various ArtistsExhibit 2: Visible EvidenceVideoMF 0291991view icon
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe VideosVideoMF 03011 May 1998view icon
not released?VideoMF 031
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Videos (NTSC)VideoMF 03211 May 1998view icon
Depeche ModeThe Videos 86>98VideoMF 033Sep 1998view icon
Depeche ModeSome Great Videos 81>85VideoMF 034Oct 1998view icon
ErasureTiny TourVideoMF 03516 Nov 1998view icon
not released?VideoMF 036
MobyPlay - The VideosVideoMF 0372000view icon
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Road To God Knows Where (NTSC) [unreleased]VideoMF 0371998view icon
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLive At The Paradiso (NTSC) [unreleased]VideoMF 0381998view icon
not released?VideoMF 039
not released?VideoMF 040
Depeche ModeOne Night In ParisVideoMF 04127 May 2002view icon
Depeche ModeThe Videos 86-98+VideoMF 042Nov 2002view icon
Depeche ModeThe Best Of Videos Volume 1VideoMUTEL 15 (DVDMUTEL 15)13 Nov 2006view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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