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    ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
    WiredTransonicSingleFGR 001Feb 1999view icon
    AircomRed CloudSingleFGR 0021999view icon
    TungstenCarbineSingleFGR 0031999view icon
    Mike WellsSupercellSingleFGR 0042000view icon
    Inertia(1)VellumSingleFGR 0052000view icon
    PolariAddictedSingleFGR 0062000view icon
    Grayson ShipleyLucidSingleFGR 0072001view icon
    Vic 20 & SinclairNikitaSingleFGR 0082001view icon
    SunkissedRound TripSingleFGR 0092001view icon
    ArridThe TrenchSingleFGR 0102001view icon
    NimrodThe Zone EPSingleFGR 0112001view icon
    Tata Box InhibitorsPlasmidsSingleFGR 0122001view icon
    not released?FGR 013
    Various ArtistsRegrooves Volume TwoSingleFGR 0142002view icon
    PolarisNo MoreSingleFGR 0152001view icon
    Various ArtistsRegroove #1SingleFGR 0162001view icon
    DesertLettin' Ya Mind GoSingleFGR 0172001view icon
    Deadbeat SocietyFlick's ThemeSingleFGR 0182001view icon
    Force Mass MotionFuture Groove CollectionAlbumFGR 0192001view icon
    P.I.M.P.The LightSingleFGR 0202002view icon
    DesertI See The LightSingleFGR 0212002view icon
    not released?FGR 022
    JamezDreamchasingAlbumFGR 0232003view icon
    RunnerMusicSingleFGR 0242002view icon
    West London DeepYou're Taking Me OverSingleFGR 0252002view icon
    not released?FGR 026
    JamezPeople Will BelieveSingleFGR 0272003view icon
    KolaboratorsMusic All AroundSingleFGR 0282002view icon
    JamezEnergy Of LifeSingleFGR 0292003view icon
    Various ArtistsFuture Groove CompilationAlbumFGR 0302002view icon
    not released?FGR 031
    Oscar GSpaceSingleFGR 0322002view icon
    DesertBeyond The SunSingleFGR 0332003view icon

    Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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