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    ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
    Various ArtistsMute Party 429 Harrow Road 31.03.2007Album429860731 Mar 2007
    GoldfrappMelancholy SkySingle50999301171296 Feb 2012view icon
    Various ArtistsThe Italian Mute EvidenceAlbum74321-14714-21993view icon
    A Certain Ratioacr:mcrAlbumACR 123 Mar 2018view icon
    A Certain RatioGood TogetherAlbumACR 227 Apr 2018view icon
    Various ArtistsAdvance! 2000.1AlbumADVANCE 12000view icon
    Various ArtistsAdvance! 2000.2AlbumADVANCE 22000view icon
    Various ArtistsAdvance! 2000.3AlbumADVANCE 32000view icon
    Various ArtistsAdvance! 2001.1AlbumADVANCE 42001view icon
    Various ArtistsAdvance! 2002.1AlbumADVANCE 52002view icon
    Various ArtistsAdvance! 2004.1AlbumADVANCE 62004view icon
    Various ArtistsMute Audio DocumentsBox SetAUDIOBOX 12007view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenThe NNNAAAMMM Remixes By DarkusSingleBETON 60128 May 1997view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenEnde Neu RemixesAlbumBETON 6028 Sep 1997view icon
    Depeche ModeLeave In SilenceSingleBONG 00116 Aug 1982view icon
    Depeche ModeGet The Balance RightSingleBONG 00231 Jan 1983view icon
    Depeche ModeEverything CountsSingleBONG 00311 Jul 1983view icon
    Depeche ModeLove In ItselfSingleBONG 00419 Sep 1983view icon
    Depeche ModePeople Are PeopleSingleBONG 00512 Mar 1984view icon
    Depeche ModeMaster And ServantSingleBONG 00620 Aug 1984view icon
    Depeche ModeBlasphemous RumoursSingleBONG 00729 Oct 1984view icon
    Depeche ModeShake The DiseaseSingleBONG 00829 Apr 1985view icon
    Depeche ModeIt's Called A HeartSingleBONG 00916 Sep 1985view icon
    Depeche ModeStrippedSingleBONG 01010 Feb 1986view icon
    Depeche ModeA Question Of LustSingleBONG 01114 Apr 1986view icon
    Depeche ModeA Question Of TimeSingleBONG 01211 Aug 1986view icon
    Depeche ModeStrangeloveSingleBONG 01313 Apr 1987view icon
    Depeche ModeNever Let Me Down AgainSingleBONG 01424 Aug 1987view icon
    Depeche ModeBehind The WheelSingleBONG 01528 Dec 1987view icon
    Depeche ModeEverything Counts (Remix)SingleBONG 01613 Feb 1989view icon
    Depeche ModePersonal JesusSingleBONG 01729 Aug 1989view icon
    Depeche ModeEnjoy The SilenceSingleBONG 0185 Feb 1990view icon
    Depeche ModePolicy Of TruthSingleBONG 0197 May 1990view icon
    Depeche ModeWorld In My EyesSingleBONG 02017 Sep 1990view icon
    Depeche ModeI Feel YouSingleBONG 0219 Feb 1993view icon
    Depeche ModeWalking In My ShoesSingleBONG 02226 Apr 1993view icon
    Depeche ModeCondemnationSingleBONG 02313 Sep 1993view icon
    Depeche ModeIn Your RoomSingleBONG 02410 Jan 1994view icon
    Depeche ModeBarrel Of A GunSingleBONG 0253 Feb 1997view icon
    Depeche ModeIt’s No GoodSingleBONG 02631 Mar 1997view icon
    Depeche ModeHomeSingleBONG 02716 Jun 1997view icon
    Depeche ModeUselessSingleBONG 02820 Oct 1997view icon
    Depeche ModeOnly When I Lose MyselfSingleBONG 0297 Sep 1998view icon
    Depeche ModeDream OnSingleBONG 03023 Apr 2001view icon
    Depeche ModeI Feel LovedSingleBONG 0312001view icon
    Depeche ModeFreeloveSingleBONG 0325 Nov 2001view icon
    Depeche ModeGoodnight LoversSingleBONG 03311 Feb 2002view icon
    Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence 04SingleBONG 03418 Oct 2004view icon
    Depeche ModePreciousSingleBONG 0353 Oct 2005view icon
    Depeche ModeA Pain That I'm Used ToSingleBONG 03612 Dec 2005view icon
    Depeche ModeSuffer WellSingleBONG 03720 Mar 2006view icon
    Depeche ModeJohn The RevelatorSingleBONG 0385 Jun 2006view icon
    Depeche ModeMartyrSingleBONG 03930 Oct 2006view icon
    Depeche ModeWrongSingleBONG 0406 Apr 2009view icon
    Depeche ModePeaceSingleBONG 04115 Jun 2009view icon
    Depeche ModeFragile Tension / Hole To FeedSingleBONG 0427 Dec 2009view icon
    Depeche ModePersonal Jesus 2011SingleBONG 04318 Apr 2011view icon
    Depeche ModeTour Of The Universe : Barcelona 20/21.11.09VideoDMBLU 068 Nov 2010view icon
    Depeche ModeDepeche Mode Box SetBox SetDMBS 119 Oct 1988view icon
    Depeche ModeSingles Box 1Box SetDMBX 1Nov 1991view icon
    Depeche ModeSingles Box 2Box SetDMBX 2Nov 1991view icon
    Depeche ModeSingles Box 3Box SetDMBX 3Nov 1991view icon
    Depeche ModeSingles Box 4Box SetDMBX 429 Mar 2004view icon
    Depeche ModeSingles Box 5Box SetDMBX 529 Mar 2004view icon
    Depeche ModeSingles Box 6Box SetDMBX 629 Mar 2004view icon
    Depeche ModeThe Videos 86>98VideoDMDVD 01 (DVDMUTEL 5)Sep 1998view icon
    Depeche ModeThe Videos 86>98 (Enhanced)VideoDMDVD 02Nov 2002view icon
    Depeche Mode101VideoDMDVD 032003view icon
    Depeche ModeDevotionalVideoDMDVD 0413 Sep 2004view icon
    Depeche ModeTouring The AngelVideoDMDVD 0525 Sep 2006view icon
    Depeche ModeTour Of The Universe : Barcelona 20/21.11.09VideoDMDVD 068 Nov 2010view icon
    DomeDomeAlbumDOME 11980view icon
    DomeDome 2AlbumDOME 21980view icon
    DomeDome 3AlbumDOME 3Oct 1981view icon
    Diamond VersionEP1SingleDVMUTE 124 Sep 2012view icon
    Diamond VersionEP1-5AlbumDVMUTE 1234518 Oct 2013view icon
    Diamond VersionEP2SingleDVMUTE 226 Nov 2012view icon
    Diamond VersionEP3SingleDVMUTE 328 Jan 2013view icon
    Diamond VersionEP4SingleDVMUTE 425 Mar 2013view icon
    Diamond VersionEP5SingleDVMUTE 517 Jun 2013view icon
    Nitzer EbbCatalogueBox SetEBBBOX 118 Jan 2010view icon
    Nitzer EbbCompilationBox SetEBBBOX 218 Jan 2010view icon
    Nitzer EbbIn OrderAlbumEBBBOX 325 Jan 2010view icon
    ErasureSingles Box 1Box SetEBX 115 Nov 1999view icon
    ErasureSingles Box 2Box SetEBX 215 Nov 1999view icon
    ErasureSingles Box 3Box SetEBX 32001view icon
    ErasureSingles Box 4Box SetEBX 42001view icon
    ErasureSingles Box 5Box SetEBX 52001view icon
    PerplexerAcid FolkSingleEFF 100Aug 1994
    ErasureSanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 2002VideoEISDVD 15 May 2003view icon
    ErasurePush Me Shove Me (Remix)SingleERAS 11990view icon
    ErasureErasure.ClubSingleERAS 1CD6 Aug 2009view icon
    ErasureShip Of Fools (Remix)SingleERAS 21990view icon
    ErasureSometimes (Remix)SingleERAS 31990
    ErasureAbba-Esque EPSingleERAS 41 Jun 1992view icon
    ErasureErasure (Singles)AlbumERAS 5Jul 1991view icon
    ErasureHits! The VideosVideoERASDVD 1 (DVDMUTEL 10)20 Oct 2003view icon
    ErasureThe Tank, The Swan And The Balloon - Live!VideoERASDVD 222 Nov 2004view icon
    ErasureThe Erasure Show: Live In CologneVideoERASDVD 331 Oct 2005view icon
    ErasureOn The Road To NashvilleVideoERASDVD 429 Jan 2007view icon
    ErasureLive At The Royal Albert Hall 25th September 2007VideoERASDVD 57 Apr 2008view icon
    Nick Cave, Mick Harvey And Ed Clayton-JonesAnd The Ass Saw The AngelAlbumEUCRID 14 Jan 1999view icon
    Diamanda GalásMasque Of The Red DeathAlbumGALAS 1Dec 1988
    MobyMulholland FallsSingleHOTEL 1Jun 2005view icon
    MobyPut The Headphones OnSingleHOTEL 211 Jul 2005view icon
    Mick HarveyMotion Picture Music 94-05AlbumIONIC 1930 Oct 2006view icon
    Irmin SchmidtElectro VioletBox SetIRMINBOX 120 Nov 2016
    Fortran 5J R HartleySingleJRH 1May 1992view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionExtra Width / Mo' WidthAlbumJSBX 01Feb 2000view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionOrangeAlbumJSBX 02Feb 2000view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionExperimental RemixesAlbumJSBX 03Feb 2000view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionTechno Animal RemixesSingleJSBX 04Feb 2000view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionGet With It! It's The Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionSingleJSBX 1232000view icon
    Richard H. Kirk#7489 (Collected Works 1974 - 1989)Box SetKIRKBX12 Dec 2016view icon
    LaibachLaibachVideoLBACHDVD 11 Nov 2004view icon
    LaibachA Film From Slovenia / Occupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-95VideoLBACHDVD 229 Nov 2004view icon
    LaibachDivided States Of AmericaVideoLBACHDVD 313 Nov 2006view icon
    Laibachnot released?VideoLBACHDVD 4
    Laibachnot released?VideoLBACHDVD 5
    LaibachVolk Dead In TrbovljeVideoLBACHDVD 623 Jun 2008view icon
    LiarsLive In XOYO London June 12, 2012SingleLIARS 0012012view icon
    Depeche ModeLittle 15SingleLITTLE 1516 May 1988view icon
    ErasureLive In Hamburg CollectionAlbumLIVE 11987
    LooperThese ThingsAlbumLOOPERBX 12015view icon
    LaibachSympathy For The DevilAlbumLPMUTE 80Mar 1990view icon
    ErasureThe Two Ring CircusAlbumLSTUMM 0357 Dec 1987view icon
    Depeche ModeSongs Of Faith And Devotion LiveAlbumLSTUMM 1066 Dec 1993view icon
    MobyLast Night RemixedAlbumLSTUMM 2753 Nov 2008view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLive At The Royal Albert Hall 1997AlbumLTTN 002Nov 2008view icon
    Various ArtistsTape DelayMemorabiliaMBB 1
    WireEverybody Loves A HistoryMemorabiliaMBB 2
    CanThe Can BookMemorabiliaMBB 3
    Cabaret VoltaireThe Art Of The Sixth SenseMemorabiliaMBB 4
    KraftwerkMan Machine And MusicMemorabiliaMBB 5
    Fortran 5Fortran 5MemorabiliaMBB 6
    Throbbing GristleThe Second Annual Report Of Throbbing GristleAlbumMIR 001Jan 1991view icon
    Throbbing GristleD.O.A. The Third And Final ReportAlbumMIR 002Jan 1991view icon
    Throbbing Gristle20 Jazz Funk GreatsAlbumMIR 003Jun 1991view icon
    Throbbing GristleHeathen EarthAlbumMIR 004Jun 1991view icon
    Throbbing GristleMission Of Dead Souls - The Last Live Performance Of Throbbing GristleAlbumMIR 005Jun 1991
    Exit 100LiquidSingleMUDA 1Jan 1992
    The NormalT.V.O.D. / Warm LeatheretteSingleMUTE 001Nov 1978view icon
    Fad GadgetBack To NatureSingleMUTE 002Oct 1979view icon
    Silicon TeensMemphis TenneseeSingleMUTE 003Aug 1979view icon
    Silicon TeensJudy In DisguiseSingleMUTE 004Jan 1980view icon
    D.A.F.KebabtraumeSingleMUTE 005Mar 1980view icon
    Fad GadgetRicky's HandSingleMUTE 006Mar 1980view icon
    NONI Can't Look StraightSingleMUTE 0071980view icon
    Silicon TeensJust Like EddieSingleMUTE 008Jul 1980view icon
    Fad GadgetInsecticideSingleMUTE 009Sep 1980view icon
    Robert RentalDouble HeartSingleMUTE 010Oct 1980view icon
    D.A.F.Tanz Mit MirSingleMUTE 011Oct 1980view icon
    Fad GadgetMake RoomSingleMUTE 012Mar 1981view icon
    Depeche ModeDreaming Of MeSingleMUTE 01320 Feb 1981view icon
    Depeche ModeNew LifeSingleMUTE 01413 Jun 1981view icon
    NONRiseSingleMUTE 015Jan 1982view icon
    Depeche ModeJust Can't Get EnoughSingleMUTE 0167 Sep 1981view icon
    Fad GadgetSaturday Night SpecialSingleMUTE 017Jan 1982view icon
    Depeche ModeSee YouSingleMUTE 01829 Jan 1982view icon
    Die Doraus Und Die MarinusFred Vom JupiterSingleMUTE 019Mar 1982view icon
    YazooOnly YouSingleMUTE 02015 Mar 1982view icon
    Fad GadgetKing Of The FliesSingleMUTE 021Apr 1982view icon
    Depeche ModeThe Meaning Of LoveSingleMUTE 02226 Apr 1982view icon
    Liaisons DangereusesLos Niños Del ParqueSingleMUTE 023Jul 1982view icon
    Fad GadgetLife On The LineSingleMUTE 024Sep 1982view icon
    Duet EmmoOr So It SeemsSingleMUTE 025Mar 1983view icon
    Fad GadgetFor Whom The Bell TollsSingleMUTE 026Jan 1983view icon
    Robert GörlMit DirSingleMUTE 02714 Feb 1983view icon
    Fad GadgetI Discover LoveSingleMUTE 028Oct 1983view icon
    The Birthday PartyMutiny EPSingleMUTE 029Nov 1983view icon
    Fad GadgetCollapsing New PeopleSingleMUTE 030Jan 1984view icon
    Robert GörlDarling Don't Leave MeSingleMUTE 031Feb 1984view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsIn The GhettoSingleMUTE 0321 Jun 1984view icon
    Fad GadgetOne Man's MeatSingleMUTE 033May 1984view icon
    I Start CountingLetters To A FriendSingleMUTE 034Jun 1984view icon
    I Start CountingStill SmilingSingleMUTE 035Apr 1985view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionThe Dangling Man EPSingleMUTE 036Jun 1985view icon
    Mark StewartHypnotizedSingleMUTE 037May 1985view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsTupeloSingleMUTE 038Jul 1985view icon
    Frank ToveyLuxurySingleMUTE 039Jul 1985view icon
    ErasureWho Needs Love Like ThatSingleMUTE 0402 Sep 1985view icon
    He SaidOnly One ISingleMUTE 041Oct 1985view icon
    ErasureHeavenly ActionSingleMUTE 04211 Nov 1985view icon
    He SaidPumpSingleMUTE 043Apr 1986view icon
    Frank ToveyLuddite JoeSingleMUTE 044Apr 1986view icon
    ErasureOh L'AmourSingleMUTE 04521 Apr 1986view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionAdventureSingleMUTE 046May 1986view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe SingerSingleMUTE 047Jun 1986view icon
    He SaidPulling 3 G'sSingleMUTE 048Aug 1986view icon
    I Start CountingCatch That LookSingleMUTE 049Aug 1986view icon
    A.C. MariasJust TalkSingleMUTE 050Aug 1986view icon
    ErasureSometimesSingleMUTE 0516 Oct 1986view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Mercy SeatSingleMUTE 052Jun 1988view icon
    WireSnakedrillSingleMUTE 053Nov 1986view icon
    I Start CountingMy Translucent HandsSingleMUTE 05418 Jul 1987view icon
    Holger HillerWhippetsSingleMUTE 055Mar 1987view icon
    ErasureIt Doesn't Have To BeSingleMUTE 05616 Feb 1987view icon
    WireAheadSingleMUTE 057Mar 1987view icon
    Nitzer EbbLet Your Body LearnSingleMUTE 058Apr 1987view icon
    Mark Stewart And The MaffiaThis Is Stranger Than LoveSingleMUTE 059Sep 1987view icon
    LaibachGeburt Einer NationSingleMUTE 060Mar 1987view icon
    ErasureVictim Of LoveSingleMUTE 06118 May 1987view icon
    LaibachLife Is LifeSingleMUTE 062Jul 1987view icon
    These Immortal SoulsMarry Me (Lie! Lie!)SingleMUTE 063Sep 1987view icon
    Nitzer EbbJoin In The ChantSingleMUTE 064Jun 1987view icon
    Anita LaneDirty SingsSingleMUTE 065Oct 1987view icon
    ErasureThe CircusSingleMUTE 06621 Sep 1987view icon
    WireKidney BingosSingleMUTE 067Feb 1988view icon
    MkultraImmobiliseSingleMUTE 068Nov 1987view icon
    I Start CountingLose HimSingleMUTE 069Dec 1987view icon
    A.C. MariasTime WasSingleMUTE 070Jan 1988view icon
    Nitzer EbbControl I'm HereSingleMUTE 071Oct 1988view icon
    Ohi Ho Bang BangThe ThreeSingleMUTE 072Oct 1989view icon
    He SaidCould YouSingleMUTE 073Feb 1989view icon
    ErasureShip Of FoolsSingleMUTE 07422 Feb 1988view icon
    Diamanda GalásDouble-Barrel PrayerSingleMUTE 075Apr 1988view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionOn Every TrainSingleMUTE 076Apr 1988view icon
    Barry AdamsonThe Man With The Golden ArmSingleMUTE 077Oct 1988view icon
    Nitzer EbbHearts And MindsSingleMUTE 078Jan 1989view icon
    Frank ToveyBridge St ShuffleSingleMUTE 079Apr 1988view icon
    LaibachSympathy For The DevilSingleMUTE 080Sep 1988view icon
    I Start CountingRa Ra RawhideSingleMUTE 081Jul 1988view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveBiting My NailsSingleMUTE 082Sep 1988view icon
    ErasureChains Of LoveSingleMUTE 08331 May 1988view icon
    WireSilk Skin PawsSingleMUTE 084Jun 1988view icon
    ErasureA Little RespectSingleMUTE 08519 Sep 1988view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsDeannaSingleMUTE 086Sep 1988view icon
    WireEardrum BuzzSingleMUTE 087Mar 1989view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveThe PhantomSingleMUTE 088May 1989view icon
    ErasureDrama!SingleMUTE 08918 Sep 1989view icon
    These Immortal SoulsKing Of KaliforniaSingleMUTE 090Oct 1992view icon
    LaibachAcross The UniverseSingleMUTE 091Dec 1988view icon
    Mark StewartHysteriaSingleMUTE 09230 Apr 1989view icon
    ErasureCrackers International EPSingleMUTE 09328 Nov 1988view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionThe Shadow Of No ManSingleMUTE 094Apr 1989view icon
    I Start CountingMillion Headed MonsterSingleMUTE 095Apr 1989view icon
    Nitzer EbbShameSingleMUTE 09623 Oct 1989view icon
    Barry AdamsonThe Taming Of The Shrewd EPSingleMUTE 097Oct 1989view icon
    WireIn VivoSingleMUTE 098Jul 1989view icon
    ErasureYou Surround MeSingleMUTE 09927 Nov 1989view icon
    Frank ToveySam HallSingleMUTE 10018 Jul 1989view icon
    Die KruppsThe Machineries Of JoySingleMUTE 101Jul 1989view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveProbably A RobberySingleMUTE 102Feb 1990view icon
    Liaisons DangereusesLos Niños Del Parque (Remix)SingleMUTE 103Jul 1990view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveSpace GladiatorSingleMUTE 104Oct 1989view icon
    A.C. MariasOne Of Our Girls Has Gone MissingSingleMUTE 105Feb 1990view icon
    Nitzer EbbLightning ManSingleMUTE 106Feb 1990view icon
    WirSo And Slow It GrowsSingleMUTE 107Sep 1991view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Ship SongSingleMUTE 108Mar 1990view icon
    ErasureBlue SavannahSingleMUTE 10926 Feb 1990view icon
    Recoil(1)Faith HealerSingleMUTE 110Mar 1992view icon
    ErasureStarSingleMUTE 11121 May 1990view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveBiting My Nails (Remix)SingleMUTE 112Aug 1990view icon
    Fortran 5Crazy EarthSingleMUTE 113Jul 1990view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionI Have The GunSingleMUTE 114Aug 1990view icon
    Nitzer EbbFun To Be HadSingleMUTE 115Sep 1990view icon
    LaibachWirtschaft Ist TotSingleMUTE 1166 Apr 1992view icon
    LaibachFinal CountdownSingleMUTE 11712 Sep 1994view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Weeping SongSingleMUTE 118Sep 1990view icon
    Barry Adamson & Anita LaneThese Boots Are Made For WalkingSingleMUTE 119Jul 1991view icon
    Fortran 5Love BabySingleMUTE 120Nov 1990view icon
    Frank Tovey And The PyrosLiberty TreeSingleMUTE 12115 Apr 1991view icon
    Nitzer EbbAs Is EPSingleMUTE 122Jun 1991view icon
    Miranda Sex GardenGush Forth My TearsSingleMUTE 123May 1991view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveThunder IISingleMUTE 124Jan 1991view icon
    ErasureChorusSingleMUTE 12517 Jun 1991view icon
    Fortran 5GrooveSingleMUTE 12618 Jul 1991view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionThe Dolphin And The SharksSingleMUTE 127Feb 1991view icon
    The Afghan WhigsHonky’s LadderSingleMUTE 128Feb 1996view icon
    Fortran 5Heart On The LineSingleMUTE 129Aug 1991view icon
    Mark StewartDream KitchenSingleMUTE 13011 Mar 1996view icon
    ErasureLove To Hate YouSingleMUTE 1319 Sep 1991view icon
    Bruce GilbertAb Ovo (Remixes)SingleMUTE 1321996view icon
    Nitzer EbbI Give To YouSingleMUTE 133Aug 1991view icon
    ErasureAm I Right?SingleMUTE 13425 Nov 1991view icon
    Nitzer EbbGodheadSingleMUTE 135Dec 1991view icon
    Fortran 5Look To The FutureSingleMUTE 136Aug 1992view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveKray TwinsSingleMUTE 137Feb 1992view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveCocaine SexSingleMUTE 138Feb 1992view icon
    Miranda Sex GardenPlaySingleMUTE 139Jan 1993view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsStraight To YouSingleMUTE 140Mar 1992view icon
    Simon BonneyThere Can Only Be OneSingleMUTE 141Apr 1992view icon
    ErasureBreath Of LifeSingleMUTE 14216 Mar 1992view icon
    Fortran 5Time To DreamSingleMUTE 143Jun 1993view icon
    ErasureAbba-Esque EPSingleMUTE 1441 Jun 1992view icon
    Nitzer EbbAscendSingleMUTE 145Mar 1992view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveRenegade SoundwaveSingleMUTE 146Feb 1994view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveWomen Respond To BassSingleMUTE 147May 1992view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsI Had A Dream, JoeSingleMUTE 148Aug 1992view icon
    Barry AdamsonCinema Is King EPSingleMUTE 149Aug 1992view icon
    ErasureWho Needs Love Like That (Remix)SingleMUTE 150Oct 1992view icon
    Nick Cave & Shane McGowanWonderful WorldSingleMUTE 1514 Nov 1992view icon
    ErasureAlwaysSingleMUTE 15211 Apr 1994view icon
    ErasureRun To The SunSingleMUTE 15318 Jul 1994view icon
    Miranda Sex GardenSunshineSingleMUTE 154Apr 1993view icon
    Nitzer EbbKick ItSingleMUTE 155Feb 1995view icon
    Parallax(1)Push For The Love Of LifeSingleMUTE 156Jul 1993view icon
    Fortran 5Persian BluesSingleMUTE 157May 1993view icon
    MobyMove - The EPSingleMUTE 158Sep 1993view icon
    Parallax(1)Bullet Proof ZeroSingleMUTE 159Oct 1993view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsDo You Love Me?SingleMUTE 160Mar 1994view icon
    MobyHymnSingleMUTE 16116 May 1994view icon
    SpellBig Red BalloonSingleMUTE 162Oct 1993view icon
    Miranda Sex GardenPeep ShowSingleMUTE 163Apr 1994view icon
    Nitzer EbbI ThoughtSingleMUTE 164Apr 1995view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveBrixtonSingleMUTE 165Mar 1995view icon
    ErasureI Love SaturdaySingleMUTE 16621 Nov 1994view icon
    Simon BonneyDon't Walk Away From LoveSingleMUTE 167May 1996view icon
    HoodwinkDun’ Like A KipperSingleMUTE 168Jun 1997view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLovermanSingleMUTE 169Jul 1994view icon
    LaibachIn The Army NowSingleMUTE 170May 1995view icon
    Diamanda Galás with John Paul JonesDo You Take This Man?SingleMUTE 171Aug 1994view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsRed Right HandSingleMUTE 17224 Oct 1994view icon
    MobyFeeling So RealSingleMUTE 17317 Oct 1994view icon
    ErasureStay With MeSingleMUTE 174Sep 1995view icon
    KomputerKomputer EPSingleMUTE 175Jun 1996view icon
    MobyEvery Time You Touch MeSingleMUTE 17613 Feb 1995view icon
    Anita LaneThe World’s A GirlSingleMUTE 177May 1995view icon
    ErasureFingers And ThumbsSingleMUTE 178Nov 1995view icon
    MobyInto The BlueSingleMUTE 179Jul 1995view icon
    ErasureRock Me GentlySingleMUTE 18012 Feb 1996view icon
    Armed ResponseGo FurtherSingleMUTE 18115 May 1995view icon
    Renegade SoundwavePositive IDSingleMUTE 182Jul 1996view icon
    Barry AdamsonMovieologySingleMUTE 183Apr 1995view icon
    MobyThat's When I Reach For My RevolverSingleMUTE 184Aug 1996view icon
    Nick Cave & Kylie MinogueWhere The Wild Roses GrowSingleMUTE 185Oct 1995view icon
    Barry AdamsonThe Big Bamboozle EPSingleMUTE 1861995view icon
    Mick HarveyInitials B.B.SingleMUTE 18720 Jul 1995view icon
    Barry AdamsonCan’t Get LooseSingleMUTE 188May 1998view icon
    Nick Cave & PJ HarveyHenry LeeSingleMUTE 189Mar 1996view icon
    ErasureIn My ArmsSingleMUTE 1906 Jan 1997view icon
    HoodwinkTrip From The HipSingleMUTE 191Sep 1997view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsInto My ArmsSingleMUTE 192Jan 1997view icon
    ToenutMouthful Of PenniesSingleMUTE 193Aug 1997view icon
    Mick Harvey & Anita LaneHarley DavidsonSingleMUTE 194Apr 1996view icon
    ErasureDon’t Say Your Love Is Killing MeSingleMUTE 195Feb 1997view icon
    Thirty Ought SixAdamantineSingleMUTE 196Apr 1996view icon
    LaibachJesus Christ Superstar / God Is GodSingleMUTE 197Nov 1996view icon
    PeachOn My OwnSingleMUTE 198Sep 1996view icon
    The Afghan WhigsGoing To TownSingleMUTE 199Jul 1996view icon
    MobyCome On BabySingleMUTE 200Nov 1996view icon
    PeachFrom This Moment OnSingleMUTE 201Nov 1996view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion2 Kindsa LoveSingleMUTE 202Oct 1996view icon
    KomputerLooking Down On LondonSingleMUTE 203Nov 1996view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionWaitSingleMUTE 204Apr 1997view icon
    PeachMade In VainSingleMUTE 205Sep 1997view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds(Are You) The One I've Been Waiting ForSingleMUTE 206May 1997view icon
    ToenutTest AnxietySingleMUTE 207Aug 1997view icon
    ErasureRainSingleMUTE 208Nov 1997view icon
    Recoil(1)DriftingSingleMUTE 20913 Oct 1997view icon
    MobyJames Bond Theme (Re-Version)SingleMUTE 210Oct 1997view icon
    HoodwinkMore MillionairesSingleMUTE 211Mar 1998view icon
    KomputerValentinaSingleMUTE 212Sep 1997view icon
    Mark StewartConsumed - The Remix WarsSingleMUTE 21317 Aug 1998view icon
    Recoil(1)StalkerSingleMUTE 2149 Mar 1998view icon
    PeachOn My OwnSingleMUTE 215Nov 1997view icon
    PeachSorrow TownSingleMUTE 21611 Jun 1998view icon
    Add n to (X)Little Black Rocks In the SunSingleMUTE 217Jul 1998view icon
    MobyHoneySingleMUTE 21824 Aug 1998view icon
    Barry AdamsonWhat It MeansSingleMUTE 21911 Jun 1998view icon
    KomputerTerminusSingleMUTE 220Oct 1998view icon
    MobyRun OnSingleMUTE 221Apr 1999view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionMagical ColoursSingleMUTE 222Nov 1998view icon
    Barry AdamsonBlack AmourSingleMUTE 223Sep 2002view icon
    Add n to (X)Metal Fingers In My BodySingleMUTE 224Mar 1999view icon
    MobyBodyrockSingleMUTE 22512 Jul 1999view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionTalk About The BluesSingleMUTE 226Mar 1999view icon
    ApplianceFood MusicSingleMUTE 227Apr 1999view icon
    KomputerChirpySingleMUTE 2282002view icon
    AppliancePacificaSingleMUTE 229Aug 1999view icon
    MobyWhy Does My Heart Feel So Bad?SingleMUTE 23011 Oct 1999view icon
    Add n to (X)Revenge Of The Black RegentSingleMUTE 231Aug 1999view icon
    Recoil(1)Strange HoursSingleMUTE 2323 Apr 2000view icon
    Recoil(1)JezebelSingleMUTE 23318 Sep 2000view icon
    Westbam & Afrika BambaataaAgharta - The City Of ShamballaSingleMUTE 234Jun 1999view icon
    Slick SixtyHilary, Last Of The Pool SharksSingleMUTE 235Aug 1999view icon
    WestbamBeatbox RockerSingleMUTE 236Aug 1999view icon
    EchoboyFrances Says: The Knife Is AliveSingleMUTE 237Sep 1999view icon
    Simon Fisher TurnerEyes OpenSingleMUTE 238Oct 1999view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionHeavySingleMUTE 239Aug 1999view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenTotal Eclipse Of The SunSingleMUTE 240Aug 1999view icon
    LaibachTanz Mit LaibachSingleMUTE 2414 Aug 2003view icon
    EchoboyConstantinopleSingleMUTE 242Feb 2000view icon
    ApplianceD4SingleMUTE 24321 Feb 2000view icon
    ErasureFreedomSingleMUTE 2442 Dec 2000view icon
    ApplianceA Gentle Cycle RevolutionSingleMUTE 2452001view icon
    EchoboyKit And HollySingleMUTE 246Apr 2000view icon
    GoldfrappLovely HeadSingleMUTE 24729 May 2000view icon
    ErasureMoon & The SkyAlbumMUTE 24813 Nov 2001view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsAs I Sat Sadly By Her SideSingleMUTE 24919 Mar 2001view icon
    NONSolitudeSingleMUTE 250Jan 2000view icon
    MobyNatural BluesSingleMUTE 251Mar 2000view icon
    MobyPorcelainSingleMUTE 252Jun 2000view icon
    GoldfrappUtopiaSingleMUTE 2536 Nov 2000view icon
    Add n to (X)Plug Me InSingleMUTE 254Oct 2000view icon
    MobyWhy Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Remix)SingleMUTE 25526 Sep 2000view icon
    EchoboyTelstar RecoverySingleMUTE 2564 Sep 2000view icon
    EchoboyTurning OnSingleMUTE 2577 May 2001view icon
    Add n to (X)The Poker RollSingleMUTE 2582 Dec 2001view icon
    GoldfrappHumanSingleMUTE 2592001view icon
    Anita LaneThe Next Man That I SeeSingleMUTE 2602001view icon
    Luke SlaterNothing At AllSingleMUTE 26125 Mar 2002view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsFifteen Feet Of Pure White SnowSingleMUTE 2622001view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionShe SaidSingleMUTE 26325 Mar 2002view icon
    GoldfrappUtopia (Genetically Enriched)SingleMUTE 26411 Jun 2001view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsBring It OnSingleMUTE 265Feb 2003view icon
    ApplianceLand, Sea and AirSingleMUTE 2662001view icon
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    not released?SingleMUTE 410
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    not released?SingleMUTE 448
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    not released?SingleMUTE 471
    not released?SingleMUTE 472
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    not released?SingleMUTE 480
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    TBCTBCSingleMUTE 571
    TBCTBCSingleMUTE 572
    TBCTBCSingleMUTE 573
    TBCTBCSingleMUTE 574
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    TBCTBCSingleMUTE 577
    TBCTBCSingleMUTE 578
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    I Start CountingFusedAlbumSTUMM 05019 Jun 1989view icon
    Recoil(1)HydrologyAlbumSTUMM 05125 Jan 1988view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsTender PreyAlbumSTUMM 0521 Sep 1988view icon
    Barry AdamsonMoss Side StoryAlbumSTUMM 053Feb 1989view icon
    WireA Bell Is A Cup Until It Is StruckAlbumSTUMM 054Jun 1988view icon
    ErasureThe InnocentsAlbumSTUMM 05518 Apr 1988view icon
    Frank ToveyCivilianAlbumSTUMM 05631 Jul 1988view icon
    He SaidTake CareAlbumSTUMM 057Feb 1989view icon
    LaibachLet It BeAlbumSTUMM 05824 Oct 1988view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionShineAlbumSTUMM 05925 Apr 1988view icon
    Holger HillerAs IsAlbumSTUMM 06031 Jul 1991view icon
    Nitzer EbbBeliefAlbumSTUMM 0616 Jan 1989view icon
    Mark StewartMetatronAlbumSTUMM 06231 Mar 1990view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveSoundclashAlbumSTUMM 063Mar 1990view icon
    Depeche ModeViolatorAlbumSTUMM 06419 Mar 1990view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionThe Bride ShipAlbumSTUMM 06517 Apr 1989view icon
    WireIt's Beginning To And Back AgainAlbumSTUMM 066Jun 1989view icon
    Martin L. GoreCounterfeit EPAlbumSTUMM 06712 Jun 1989view icon
    A.C. MariasOne Of Our GirlsAlbumSTUMM 068Aug 1989view icon
    NONEasy Listening For Iron Youth - The Best Of NONAlbumSTUMM 069Dec 1991view icon
    LaibachMacbethAlbumSTUMM 07022 Jan 1990view icon
    Bruce GilbertInsidingAlbumSTUMM 07131 Jul 1991view icon
    Nitzer EbbShowtimeAlbumSTUMM 07226 Feb 1990view icon
    Frank ToveyTyranny And The Hired HandAlbumSTUMM 07331 Jul 1989view icon
    WireThe DrillAlbumSTUMM 07422 Apr 1991view icon
    ErasureWild!AlbumSTUMM 07516 Oct 1989view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Good SonAlbumSTUMM 07617 Apr 1990view icon
    Bruce GilbertMusic For FruitAlbumSTUMM 077Nov 1991view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionParadise DiscothequeAlbumSTUMM 0783 Sep 1990view icon
    Fortran 5BluesAlbumSTUMM 07931 Mar 1991view icon
    WireManscapeAlbumSTUMM 080May 1990view icon
    Anita LaneDirty PearlAlbumSTUMM 081Oct 1993view icon
    LaibachKapitalAlbumSTUMM 0826 Apr 1992view icon
    Diamanda GalásPlague MassAlbumSTUMM 08322 Apr 1991view icon
    Frank Tovey And The PyrosGrand UnionAlbumSTUMM 08431 Jul 1991view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveIn DubAlbumSTUMM 08522 Oct 1990view icon
    Thirty Ought SixHag SeedAlbumSTUMM 08629 Apr 1996view icon
    WirThe First LetterAlbumSTUMM 087Oct 1991view icon
    Nitzer EbbEbbheadAlbumSTUMM 08830 Sep 1991view icon
    ToenutInformationAlbumSTUMM 089Aug 1997view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveThe Next Chapter Of DubAlbumSTUMM 090Apr 1995view icon
    Miranda Sex GardenMadraAlbumSTUMM 09115 Jul 1991view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsHenry's DreamAlbumSTUMM 09227 Apr 1992view icon
    Mark StewartControl DataAlbumSTUMM 093Apr 1996view icon
    Recoil(1)BloodlineAlbumSTUMM 0946 Apr 1992view icon
    ErasureChorusAlbumSTUMM 09514 Oct 1991view icon
    PhewOur LikenessAlbumSTUMM 09628 Sep 1992view icon
    Miranda Sex GardenIrisAlbumSTUMM 097May 1992view icon
    These Immortal SoulsI'm Never Gonna Die AgainAlbumSTUMM 098Oct 1992view icon
    Simon BonneyForeverAlbumSTUMM 099May 1992view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveHowyoudoin?AlbumSTUMM 100Apr 1994view icon
    Depeche Mode101AlbumSTUMM 10113 Mar 1989view icon
    Holger HillerDemixedAlbumSTUMM 10230 Mar 1992view icon
    Diamanda GalásThe SingerAlbumSTUMM 1033 Apr 1992view icon
    Fortran 5Bad Head ParkAlbumSTUMM 10427 Nov 1993view icon
    Barry AdamsonSoul MurderAlbumSTUMM 105Apr 1992view icon
    Depeche ModeSongs Of Faith And DevotionAlbumSTUMM 10622 Mar 1993view icon
    Frank ToveyWorried Men In Second Hand SuitsAlbumSTUMM 10716 Oct 1992view icon
    Holger HillerLittle PresentAlbumSTUMM 1081995view icon
    Holger HillerHolger HillerAlbumSTUMM 109Jul 2000view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionThe Adversary - LiveAlbumSTUMM 1104 Oct 1993view icon
    The Balanescu QuartetPossessedAlbumSTUMM 11121 Sep 1992view icon
    Miranda Sex GardenSuspiriaAlbumSTUMM 11222 Feb 1993view icon
    NONIn The Shadow Of The SwordAlbumSTUMM 11312 Oct 1992view icon
    Simon BonneyEverymanAlbumSTUMM 114Apr 1996view icon
    ErasureI Say I Say I SayAlbumSTUMM 11516 May 1994view icon
    Wire1985-1990 The A ListAlbumSTUMM 11617 May 1993view icon
    Bruce GilbertAb OvoAlbumSTUMM 117Mar 1996view icon
    Nitzer EbbBig HitAlbumSTUMM 11827 Mar 1995view icon
    Diamanda GalásVena CavaAlbumSTUMM 119Sep 1993view icon
    Barry AdamsonThe Negro Inside MeAlbumSTUMM 120Jun 1993view icon
    LaibachNATOAlbumSTUMM 12110 Oct 1994view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLive SeedsAlbumSTUMM 1225 Aug 1996view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLet Love InAlbumSTUMM 12318 Apr 1994view icon
    The Balanescu QuartetLuminitzaAlbumSTUMM 12424 Jan 1994view icon
    Holger CzukayMoving PicturesAlbumSTUMM 125May 1993view icon
    SpellSeasons In The SunAlbumSTUMM 1263 Nov 1993view icon
    Diamanda Galás with John Paul JonesThe Sporting LifeAlbumSTUMM 127Sep 1994view icon
    NONReceive The FlameAlbumSTUMM 128Dec 1999view icon
    Miranda Sex GardenFairytales Of SlaveryAlbumSTUMM 1299 May 1994view icon
    MobyEverything Is WrongAlbumSTUMM 13013 Mar 1995view icon
    Various ArtistsTrans Slovenia ExpressAlbumSTUMM 131Aug 1994view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionNow I Got WorryAlbumSTUMM 132Sep 1996view icon
    Fortran 5Avocado SuiteAlbumSTUMM 133May 1995view icon
    Barry AdamsonOedipus SchmoedipusAlbumSTUMM 134Jul 1996view icon
    Citizens' UtilitiesLost And FounderedAlbumSTUMM 135Nov 1996view icon
    LaibachJesus Christ SuperstarsAlbumSTUMM 13628 Oct 1996view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenKalte Sterne - Early RecordingsAlbumSTUMM 1377 Jun 2004view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsMurder BalladsAlbumSTUMM 1385 Feb 1996view icon
    NONMight!AlbumSTUMM 139Oct 1995view icon
    John CameRhythmiconAlbumSTUMM 140Jul 1995view icon
    Various Artists180° : A Mute Records CompilationAlbumSTUMM 141Oct 1995view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Boatman’s CallAlbumSTUMM 1423 Mar 1997view icon
    The Afghan WhigsBlack LoveAlbumSTUMM 14311 Mar 1996view icon
    Mick HarveyIntoxicated ManAlbumSTUMM 1442 Feb 1995view icon
    ErasureErasureAlbumSTUMM 14523 Oct 1995view icon
    Diamanda GalásSchrei XAlbumSTUMM 14623 Sep 1996view icon
    The Balanescu QuartetAngels & InsectsAlbumSTUMM 1474 Dec 1995view icon
    Depeche ModeUltraAlbumSTUMM 14814 Apr 1997view icon
    Simon Fisher TurnerLive Blue RomaAlbumSTUMM 14931 Jul 1993view icon
    MobyAnimal RightsAlbumSTUMM 15023 Sep 1996view icon
    Simon Fisher TurnerShwarmaAlbumSTUMM 15131 Jul 1996view icon
    Renegade SoundwaveRSW 1987-1995AlbumSTUMM 15215 Jul 1996view icon
    PeachAudiopeachAlbumSTUMM 153Jun 1998view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionACMEAlbumSTUMM 154Oct 1998view icon
    ErasureCowboyAlbumSTUMM 15531 Mar 1997view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenTabula RasaAlbumSTUMM 1567 Jun 2004
    Mick HarveyPink ElephantsAlbumSTUMM 15727 Oct 1997view icon
    NONGod & BeastAlbumSTUMM 158Nov 1997view icon
    Recoil(1)Unsound MethodsAlbumSTUMM 15927 Oct 1997view icon
    ToenutTwo In The PiñataAlbumSTUMM 160Aug 1997view icon
    Barry AdamsonAs Above So BelowAlbumSTUMM 1611 Jun 1998view icon
    KomputerThe World Of TomorrowAlbumSTUMM 162Jun 1998view icon
    Diamanda GalásMalediction And PrayerAlbumSTUMM 1634 May 1998view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsNo More Shall We PartAlbumSTUMM 1642 Apr 2001view icon
    KomputerMarket LedAlbumSTUMM 165Sep 2002view icon
    Citizens' UtilitiesNo More MedicineAlbumSTUMM 166Sep 1997view icon
    Ben FrostMusic From FortitudeAlbumSTUMM 16717 Mar 2017view icon
    MobyI Like To ScoreAlbumSTUMM 16810 Nov 1997view icon
    Simon Fisher TurnerOh VenusAlbumSTUMM 169May 1999view icon
    Add n to (X)Avant HardAlbumSTUMM 17019 Apr 1999view icon
    Bruce GilbertIn EsseAlbumSTUMM 171Oct 1997view icon
    MobyPlayAlbumSTUMM 17217 May 1999view icon
    Recoil(1)LiquidAlbumSTUMM 1736 Mar 2000view icon
    Barry AdamsonThe Murky World Of Barry AdamsonAlbumSTUMM 1743 May 1999view icon
    ErasureLoveboatAlbumSTUMM 17523 Oct 2000view icon
    Barry AdamsonThe King Of Notting HillAlbumSTUMM 1765 Jun 2002view icon
    ApplianceManualAlbumSTUMM 177Sep 1999view icon
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 178
    WestbamWe'll Never Stop Living This WayAlbumSTUMM 179Sep 1999view icon
    EchoboyVolume OneAlbumSTUMM 180Feb 2000view icon
    The Clarke & Ware ExperimentPretentiousAlbumSTUMM 1811999view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenSilence Is SexyAlbumSTUMM 18231 Jul 2000view icon
    Anita LaneSex O'ClockAlbumSTUMM 18324 Sep 2001view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionAcme PlusAlbumSTUMM 184Sep 1999view icon
    Slick SixtyNibs & NabsAlbumSTUMM 1857 Sep 1999view icon
    ApplianceSix Modular PiecesAlbumSTUMM 18612 Jun 2000view icon
    Add n to (X)Add Insult To InjuryAlbumSTUMM 18723 Oct 2000view icon
    GoldfrappFelt MountainAlbumSTUMM 18811 Sep 2000view icon
    ApplianceImperial MetricAlbumSTUMM 18911 Jun 2001view icon
    Depeche ModeExciterAlbumSTUMM 19014 May 2001view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: 25 YearsAlbumSTUMM 1912001view icon
    EchoboyVolume TwoAlbumSTUMM 19230 Jul 2000view icon
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 193
    Vince Clarke & Martyn WareSpectrum Pursuit VehicleAlbumSTUMM 1942001view icon
    LooperThe SnareAlbumSTUMM 1952002view icon
    GoldfrappBlack CherryAlbumSTUMM 19628 Apr 2004view icon
    Simon Fisher TurnerSwiftAlbumSTUMM 1972002view icon
    Luke SlaterAlright On TopAlbumSTUMM 1988 Apr 2002view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionPlastic FangAlbumSTUMM 1994 May 2002view icon
    EchoboyGiraffeAlbumSTUMM 2002003view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenStrategies Against Architecture IIIAlbumSTUMM 2018 Oct 2001view icon
    Moby18AlbumSTUMM 20213 May 2002view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Electronic 01AlbumSTUMM 20318 Mar 2002view icon
    Add n to (X)Loud Like NatureAlbumSTUMM 20421 Oct 2002view icon
    Diamanda GalásDefixiones: Will And Testament, Orders From The DeadAlbumSTUMM 20515 Dec 2003view icon
    Diamanda GalásLa Serpenta CantaAlbumSTUMM 20618 Dec 2003view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsNocturamaAlbumSTUMM 2073 Feb 2003view icon
    PolePoleAlbumSTUMM 2087 Jul 2003view icon
    Katharina FranckZeitlupenkinoAlbumSTUMM 2092002view icon
    ApplianceAre You Earthed?AlbumSTUMM 2102003view icon
    Various ArtistsPre-Set (New Electronic Music)AlbumSTUMM 2112003view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Rock 'N' Roll 1AlbumSTUMM 2122001view icon
    NONChildren Of The Black SunAlbumSTUMM 2132002view icon
    Martin L. GoreCounterfeit 2AlbumSTUMM 21428 Apr 2003view icon
    ErasureOther People's SongsAlbumSTUMM 21527 Jan 2003view icon
    Dave GahanPaper MonstersAlbumSTUMM 2162 Jun 2003view icon
    Station 17HitparadeAlbumSTUMM 2172001view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 2002AlbumSTUMM 2182002view icon
    Boyd Rice / NONTerra Incognita: Ambient Works 1975 - PresentAlbumSTUMM 21910 Jun 2004view icon
    Various ArtistsThe Wire. 20 Years: 1982-2002AlbumSTUMM 2202002view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenPerpetuum MobileAlbumSTUMM 2219 Feb 2004view icon
    MountaineersMessy CenturyAlbumSTUMM 22221 Sep 2003view icon
    LaibachWATAlbumSTUMM 22319 Aug 2003view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Post Punk 1AlbumSTUMM 2242003view icon
    LiarsThey Were Wrong, So We DrownedAlbumSTUMM 22517 Dec 2003view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Country 1AlbumSTUMM 22621 Oct 2003view icon
    The WarlocksPhoenixAlbumSTUMM 22731 Mar 2003view icon
    KomputerSynthetikAlbumSTUMM 22825 Jun 2007view icon
    Various ArtistsSonarAlbumSTUMM 2292003view icon
    Pink GreaseThis Is For RealAlbumSTUMM 23021 Jun 2004view icon
    A Certain RatioACR:PERCAlbumSTUMM 23126 Nov 2016view icon
    Modey LemonThunder + LightningAlbumSTUMM 2322004view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsAbattoir Blues / The Lyre Of OrpheusAlbumSTUMM 23320 Sep 2004view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 2003AlbumSTUMM 2342003view icon
    ErasureUnion StreetAlbumSTUMM 2353 Apr 2006view icon
    Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionDamage!AlbumSTUMM 23627 Sep 2004view icon
    The WarlocksSurgeryAlbumSTUMM 2375 Sep 2005view icon
    Modey LemonThe Curious CityAlbumSTUMM 2384 Sep 2004view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Indiepop 1AlbumSTUMM 2392004view icon
    MobyHotelAlbumSTUMM 24014 Mar 2005view icon
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 241
    The Balanescu QuartetMaria TAlbumSTUMM 24228 Mar 2005view icon
    The ResidentsThe Commercial Album (25th Anniversary Special Edition)AlbumSTUMM 24325 Oct 2004
    MobyPlay - The B SidesAlbumSTUMM 24426 Jul 2004view icon
    ErasureNightbirdAlbumSTUMM 24524 Jan 2005view icon
    LiarsDrum's Not DeadAlbumSTUMM 24620 Feb 2006view icon
    The ResidentsAnimal LoverAlbumSTUMM 24718 Jan 2005
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 2004AlbumSTUMM 2482004view icon
    Mick HarveyOne Man's TreasureAlbumSTUMM 24929 Aug 2005view icon
    GoldfrappSupernatureAlbumSTUMM 25023 Aug 2005view icon
    Richard HawleyColes CornerAlbumSTUMM 2515 Sep 2005view icon
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 252
    The ResidentsThe Third Reich 'n' RollAlbumSTUMM 25326 Sep 2005
    Simon Fisher TurnerLana Lara LataAlbumSTUMM 25417 Oct 2005view icon
    Nick Cave & Warren EllisThe PropositionAlbumSTUMM 25513 Mar 2006view icon
    Various ArtistsTrans Slovenia Express Volume 2AlbumSTUMM 25625 Jul 2005view icon
    Mick HarveyTwo Of DiamondsAlbumSTUMM 25723 Apr 2007view icon
    The ResidentsMark Of The Mole + IntermissionAlbumSTUMM 258Nov 2005
    The ResidentsThe Tunes Of Two Cities + The Big BubbleAlbumSTUMM 25931 Oct 2005
    Depeche ModePlaying The AngelAlbumSTUMM 26017 Oct 2005view icon
    Various ArtistsMute Audio Documents Volume 1: 1978-1981AlbumSTUMM 26118 Jun 2007view icon
    Various ArtistsMute Audio Documents Volume 2: 1982AlbumSTUMM 26218 Jun 2007view icon
    Various ArtistsMute Audio Documents Volume 3: 1983AlbumSTUMM 26318 Jun 2007view icon
    Various ArtistsMute Audio Documents Volume 4: 1984AlbumSTUMM 26418 Jun 2007view icon
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 265
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 266
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 267
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 268
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 269
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 270
    Pink GreaseMechanical HeartAlbumSTUMM 2712006view icon
    GrindermanGrindermanAlbumSTUMM 2725 Mar 2007view icon
    Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops: Singer Songwriter 1AlbumSTUMM 27326 Jun 2006view icon
    Diamanda GalásGuilty Guilty GuiltyAlbumSTUMM 27431 Mar 2008view icon
    MobyLast NightAlbumSTUMM 27531 Mar 2008view icon
    LaibachVolkAlbumSTUMM 27623 Oct 2006view icon
    Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsDig, Lazarus, Dig!!!AlbumSTUMM 2773 Mar 2008view icon
    Richard HawleyLady's BridgeAlbumSTUMM 27820 Aug 2007view icon
    Recoil(1)subHumanAlbumSTUMM 2799 Jul 2007view icon
    GoldfrappSeventh TreeAlbumSTUMM 28025 Feb 2008view icon
    MapsWe Can CreateAlbumSTUMM 28114 May 2007view icon
    The ResidentsTweedlesAlbumSTUMM 28230 Oct 2006
    The ResidentsFreak ShowAlbumSTUMM 28322 Jan 2006
    Enrique MorenteSueña La AlhambraAlbumSTUMM 28425 Sep 2006view icon
    ErasureLight At The End Of The WorldAlbumSTUMM 28521 May 2007view icon
    Estrella MorenteMujeresAlbumSTUMM 28625 Sep 2006view icon
    LiarsLiarsAlbumSTUMM 28720 Aug 2007view icon
    Dave GahanHourglassAlbumSTUMM 28822 Oct 2007view icon
    Tiny Masters Of TodayBang Bang Boom CakeAlbumSTUMM 2896 Aug 2007view icon
    Polly ScattergoodPolly ScattergoodAlbumSTUMM 2909 Mar 2009view icon
    The ResidentsThe Voice Of MidnightAlbumSTUMM 29115 Oct 2007
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 292
    XX TeensWelcome To Goon IslandAlbumSTUMM 29328 Jul 2008view icon
    Nick Cave & Warren EllisThe Assassination Of Jesse James by the Coward Robert FordAlbumSTUMM 29422 Oct 2007view icon
    The ResidentsDuck StabAlbumSTUMM 2955 May 2008
    The ResidentsEskimoAlbumSTUMM 2965 May 2008
    LaibachLaibachkunstderfugeAlbumSTUMM 2975 May 2008view icon
    MapsTurning The MindAlbumSTUMM 29828 Sep 2009view icon
    GrindermanGrinderman 2AlbumSTUMM 29913 Sep 2010view icon
    Depeche ModeSounds Of The UniverseAlbumSTUMM 30020 Apr 2009view icon
    The ResidentsThe Bunny BoyAlbumSTUMM 3011 Sep 2008
    Tiny Masters Of TodaySkeletonsAlbumSTUMM 30215 Jun 2009view icon
    KraftwerkAutobahnAlbumSTUMM 30312 Oct 2009view icon
    KraftwerkRadio-ActivityAlbumSTUMM 30412 Oct 2009view icon
    KraftwerkTrans Europe ExpressAlbumSTUMM 30512 Oct 2009view icon
    KraftwerkThe Man MachineAlbumSTUMM 30612 Oct 2009view icon
    KraftwerkComputer WorldAlbumSTUMM 30712 Oct 2009view icon
    KraftwerkTechno PopAlbumSTUMM 30812 Oct 2009view icon
    KraftwerkThe MixAlbumSTUMM 30912 Oct 2009view icon
    KraftwerkTour De FranceAlbumSTUMM 31012 Oct 2009view icon
    A Place To Bury StrangersExploding HeadAlbumSTUMM 31112 Oct 2009view icon
    Richard HawleyTruelove's GutterAlbumSTUMM 31221 Sep 2009view icon
    Nick Cave & Warren EllisWhite LunarAlbumSTUMM 31321 Sep 2009view icon
    White RabbitsIt’s FrighteningAlbumSTUMM 31425 Jan 2010view icon
    LiarsSisterworldAlbumSTUMM 3158 Mar 2010view icon
    Andy BellNon-StopAlbumSTUMM 3167 Jun 2010view icon
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 317
    Lady & BirdLa Ballade Of Lady & BirdAlbumSTUMM 3187 Jun 2010view icon
    Nick Cave & Warren EllisThe RoadAlbumSTUMM 3194 Jan 2010view icon
    GoldfrappHead FirstAlbumSTUMM 32022 Mar 2010view icon
    YeasayerOdd BloodAlbumSTUMM 3218 Feb 2010view icon
    YazooReconnected LiveAlbumSTUMM 32227 Sep 2010view icon
    Pull In EmergencyPull In EmergencyAlbumSTUMM 3236 Sep 2010view icon
    Yann TiersenDust LaneAlbumSTUMM 3244 Oct 2010view icon
    Einstürzende NeubautenStrategies Against Architecture IVAlbumSTUMM 3258 Nov 2010view icon
    Josh T. PearsonLast Of The Country GentlemenAlbumSTUMM 32614 Mar 2011view icon
    S.C.U.MAgain Into EyesAlbumSTUMM 32712 Sep 2011view icon
    Polly ScattergoodArrowsAlbumSTUMM 32821 Oct 2013view icon
    Mick HarveySketches From The Book Of The DeadAlbumSTUMM 3292 May 2011view icon
    Simon Fisher Turner / Espen J. JorgensenSoundescapesAlbumSTUMM 33021 Nov 2011view icon
    Mick HarveyIntoxicated Man / Pink ElephantsAlbumSTUMM 3317 Apr 2014view icon
    Big DealLights OutAlbumSTUMM 3325 Sep 2011view icon
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 333
    ApparatThe Devil's WalkAlbumSTUMM 33426 Sep 2011view icon
    ErasureTomorrow's WorldAlbumSTUMM 3353 Oct 2011view icon
    Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of DestinyYours Truly, Cellophane NoseAlbumSTUMM 3366 Feb 2012view icon
    Yann TiersenSkylineAlbumSTUMM 33717 Oct 2011view icon
    NONBack To MonoAlbumSTUMM 33829 Oct 2012view icon
    Crime And The City SolutionAmerican TwilightAlbumSTUMM 3392013view icon
    Carter Tutti VoidTransverseAlbumSTUMM 34026 Mar 2012view icon
    White RabbitsMilk FamousAlbumSTUMM 3415 Mar 2012view icon
    Cold SpecksI Predict A Graceful ExpulsionAlbumSTUMM 34221 May 2012view icon
    LiarsWIXIWAlbumSTUMM 3434 Jun 2012view icon
    LaibachIron SkyAlbumSTUMM 34430 Apr 2012view icon
    Land ObservationsRoman Roads IV - XIAlbumSTUMM 3453 Sep 2012view icon
    YeasayerFragrant WorldAlbumSTUMM 34620 Aug 2012view icon
    PlastikmanSheet OneAlbumSTUMM 3473 Sep 2012view icon
    PlastikmanRecycled PlastikAlbumSTUMM 3483 Sep 2012view icon
    PlastikmanMusikAlbumSTUMM 3493 Sep 2012view icon
    PlastikmanArtifakts (B.C.)AlbumSTUMM 3503 Sep 2012view icon
    Vince Clarke & Martyn WareHouse Of IllustriousBox SetSTUMM 35126 Nov 2012view icon
    ApparatKrieg Und Frieden (Music For Theatre)AlbumSTUMM 35218 Feb 2013view icon
    Mick HarveyFour (Acts Of Love)AlbumSTUMM 35329 Apr 2013view icon
    MapsVicissitudeAlbumSTUMM 3548 Jul 2013view icon
    Big DealJune GloomAlbumSTUMM 3553 Jun 2013view icon
    GoldfrappTales Of UsAlbumSTUMM 3569 Sep 2013view icon
    Simon Fisher TurnerThe Epic Of EverestAlbumSTUMM 35721 Oct 2013view icon
    LaibachSpectreAlbumSTUMM 3583 Mar 2014view icon
    LiarsMessAlbumSTUMM 35924 Mar 2014view icon
    The Ministry Of WolvesMusic From Republik Der WölfeAlbumSTUMM 36010 Mar 2014view icon
    Anand Wilder & Maxwell KardonBreak Line The MusicalAlbumSTUMM 36114 Jul 2014
    The SwansMy Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The SkyAlbumSTUMM 36210 Mar 2014view icon
    The SwansThe SeerAlbumSTUMM 36310 Mar 2014view icon
    The SwansTo Be KindAlbumSTUMM 3642014view icon
    ErasureSnow GlobeAlbumSTUMM 36511 Nov 2013view icon
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 366
    Yann Tiersen∞ (Infinity)AlbumSTUMM 36719 May 2014view icon
    Ben FrostA U R O R AAlbumSTUMM 36826 May 2014view icon
    Land ObservationsThe Grand TourAlbumSTUMM 36928 Jul 2014view icon
    PlastikmanEX: Live At The GuggenheimAlbumSTUMM 37010 Jun 2014view icon
    Cold SpecksNeuroplasticityAlbumSTUMM 37125 Aug 2014view icon
    MapsRealigned (Remixes)AlbumSTUMM 37218 Aug 2014
    Zola JesusTaigaAlbumSTUMM 3736 Oct 2014
    ArcaXenAlbumSTUMM 3743 Nov 2014view icon
    ErasureThe Violet FlameAlbumSTUMM 37522 Sep 2014view icon
    The SwansFilth (Deluxe Edition)AlbumSTUMM 37627 Oct 2014
    The SwansWhite Light From The Mouth Of Infinity / Love Of LifeBox SetSTUMM 3774 Dec 2015
    LooperUp A TreeAlbumSTUMM 3782015view icon
    LooperThe GeometridAlbumSTUMM 3792015view icon
    LooperOffgrid:OfflineAlbumSTUMM 3802015view icon
    Martin L. GoreMGAlbumSTUMM 38127 Apr 2015view icon
    Du BlondeWelcome Back To MilkAlbumSTUMM 38218 May 2015view icon
    On Dead WavesOn Dead WavesAlbumSTUMM 38320 May 2016view icon
    The SwansLove Of LifeAlbumSTUMM 38429 Jan 2016
    not released?AlbumSTUMM 385
    ArcaMutantAlbumSTUMM 38620 Nov 2015view icon
    YeasayerAmen & GoodbyeAlbumSTUMM 3871 Apr 2016view icon
    LUHSpiritual Songs For Lovers To SingAlbumSTUMM 3886 May 2016view icon
    The SwansThe Glowing ManAlbumSTUMM 38917 Jun 2016view icon
    New OrderMusic CompleteAlbumSTUMM 39025 Sep 2015view icon
    The SwansCop / Young GodAlbumSTUMM 3912015
    The SwansGreed / Time Is Money (Bastard)AlbumSTUMM 3922015
    The SwansHoly Money / A ScrewAlbumSTUMM 3932015
    The SwansPublic Castration Is A Good Idea (Live)AlbumSTUMM 3942015
    Mick HarveyDelirium TremensAlbumSTUMM 39510 Jun 2016view icon
    Mick HarveyIntoxicated WomenAlbumSTUMM 3964 Nov 2016view icon
    Yann TiersenEUSAAlbumSTUMM 39730 Sep 2016view icon
    Lift To ExperienceThe Texas-Jerusalem CrossroadsAlbumSTUMM 3983 Feb 2017view icon
    GoldfrappSilver EyeAlbumSTUMM 39931 Mar 2017view icon
    Ben FrostThe Centre Cannot HoldAlbumSTUMM 40029 Sep 2017view icon
    LaibachAlso Sprach ZarathustraAlbumSTUMM 40114 Jul 2017view icon
    The SwansThe Great Annihilator: RemasteredAlbumSTUMM 4025 May 2017view icon
    Lee RanaldoElectric TrimAlbumSTUMM 40315 Sep 2017view icon
    ADULT.Detroit House GuestsAlbumSTUMM 40417 Mar 2017view icon
    ErasureWorld Be GoneAlbumSTUMM 40519 May 2017view icon
    A Certain RatioThe Graveyard And The BallroomAlbumSTUMM 40624 Nov 2017view icon
    A Certain RatioTo Each…AlbumSTUMM 40715 Dec 2017view icon
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 408
    A Certain RatioI'd Like To See You AgainAlbumSTUMM 40923 Mar 2018view icon
    A Certain RatioForceAlbumSTUMM 41024 Nov 2017view icon
    A Certain RatioUp In DownsvilleAlbumSTUMM 41127 Apr 2018view icon
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 412
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 413
    LiarsTFCFAlbumSTUMM 41425 Aug 2017view icon
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 415
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 416
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 417
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 418
    Josh T. PearsonThe Straight Hits!AlbumSTUMM 41913 Apr 2018view icon
    New OrderNOMC15AlbumSTUMM 4201 Dec 2017view icon
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 421
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 422
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 423
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 424
    ErasureWorld BeyondAlbumSTUMM 4259 Mar 2018view icon
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 426
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 427
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 428
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 429
    TBCTBCAlbumSTUMM 430
    Various ArtistsVörwartsAlbumSTUMM 44016 Apr 2011view icon
    VCMGSsssAlbumSTUMM 44112 Mar 2012view icon
    Trent Reznor & Atticus RossThe Girl With The Dragon TattooAlbumSTUMM 44226 Dec 2011view icon
    Diamond VersionCI (Corporate Identity)AlbumSTUMMDV 130 May 2014view icon
    Vince Clarke & Paul QuinnOne DaySingleTAG 1Jun 1985view icon
    The AssemblyNever NeverSingleTINY 1Oct 1983view icon
    Various ArtistsMute/Tonal EvidenceAlbumTONAL 1Aug 1989view icon
    Various ArtistsMute/Tonal Evidence 2AlbumTONAL 2Feb 1990view icon
    Various ArtistsMute/Tonal Evidence 2016AlbumTONAL 201726 Nov 2016view icon
    Various ArtistsMute/Tonal Evidence 3AlbumTONAL 3Aug 1991view icon
    Various ArtistsMute/Tonal Evidence 4AlbumTONAL 4Aug 1991view icon
    Various ArtistsMute/Tonal Evidence 5AlbumTONAL 5Jun 1992view icon
    Various ArtistsMute/Tonal Evidence 6AlbumTONAL 631 Jul 1993view icon
    Various ArtistsMute/Tonal Evidence 7AlbumTONAL 7Mar 1994view icon
    Various ArtistsExclusive CD SamplerSingleTOUR 11997
    Various ArtistsIn TransitSingleTOUR 21999
    V&AFreedom (Quake Mixes)SingleVAA 12 Dec 2000view icon
    V&AMoon & The SkySingleVAA 213 Nov 2001view icon
    KomputerVT-KSingleVTK 1Aug 1997view icon
    Various Artists180° : A Mute Records CompilationAlbumWIRE 95Oct 1995view icon
    MobyEverything Is Wrong: Non-Stop DJ MixAlbumXLSTUMM 13015 Jan 1996view icon
    GrindermanGrinderman 2 RMXAlbumXSTUMM 29926 Mar 2012view icon
    YazooDon't GoSingleYAZ 01Jul 1982view icon
    YazooThe Other Side Of LoveSingleYAZ 02Nov 1982view icon
    YazooNobody's DiarySingleYAZ 03Apr 1983view icon
    YazooSituation (1990 Remix)SingleYAZ 0426 Nov 1990view icon
    YazooOnly You (Remix)SingleYAZ 0523 Aug 1999view icon
    YazooSituation (1999 Remix)SingleYAZ 0625 Oct 1999view icon
    YazooNobody's Diary EPSingleYAZ 0712 May 2008view icon
    YazooReconnected EPSingleYAZ 089 Jun 2008view icon
    YazooIn Your RoomBox SetYAZBOX 126 May 2008view icon

    Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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