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Barry Adamson Discography (Studio Albums)


Barry Adamson Moss Side Story Album primary image cover photoMoss Side Story6 March 1989view icon
Barry Adamson Delusion Album primary image cover photoDelusion [soundtrack]17 July 1991view icon
Barry Adamson Soul Murder Album primary image cover photoSoul Murder6 April 1992view icon
Barry Adamson The Negro Inside Me Album primary image cover photoThe Negro Inside Me7 June 1993view icon
Barry Adamson Oedipus Schmoedipus Album primary image cover photoOedipus Schmoedipus29 July 1996view icon
Barry Adamson As Above So Below Album primary image cover photoAs Above So Below1 June 1998view icon
Barry Adamson The Murky World Of Barry Adamson Album primary image cover photoThe Murky World Of Barry Adamson3 May 1999view icon
Barry Adamson The King Of Notting Hill Album primary image cover photoThe King Of Notting Hill31 July 2002view icon
Barry Adamson Stranger On The Sofa Album primary image cover photoStranger On The Sofa29 May 2006view icon
Barry Adamson Back To The Cat Album primary image cover photoBack To The Cat31 March 2008view icon
Barry Adamson I Will Set You Free Album primary image cover photoI Will Set You Free31 January 2012view icon
Barry Adamson Dreams Of A Life Album primary image cover photoDreams Of A Life [soundtrack]10 December 2012view icon
Barry Adamson Know Where To Run Album primary image cover photoKnow Where To Run19 February 2016view icon


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