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    Pink FlagNovember 1977view icon
    Chairs MissingSeptember 1978view icon
    154September 1979view icon
    Document And EyewitnessJuly 1981view icon
    And Here It Is Again [selection/best of]1984view icon
    Wire Play Pop [selection/best of]March 1986view icon
    In The Pink [selection/best of]August 1986view icon
    The Ideal Copy27 April 1987view icon
    A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is StruckJune 1988view icon
    On Returning (1977-1979) [selection/best of]1989view icon
    The Peel Sessions Album [selection/best of]1989view icon
    It's Beginning To And Back Again25 May 1989view icon
    ManscapeMay 1990view icon
    The Drill22 April 1991view icon
    1985-1990 The A List17 May 1993view icon
    154 Pink Chairs [selection/best of]1995view icon
    Behind The Curtain (Early Versions 1977 & 78) [selection/best of]August 1995view icon
    Turns & Strokes [selection/best of]March 1997view icon
    Coatings [selection/best of]October 1997view icon
    PF456 Redux [selection/best of]2003view icon
    Send28 April 2003view icon
    On The Box: 19794 October 2004view icon
    Live At The Roxy, London [live]2006view icon
    Object 477 July 2008view icon
    Red Barked Tree20 December 2010view icon
    The Black Session9 November 2011view icon
    Change Becomes Us26 March 2013view icon
    Wire Wire Album primary image cover photoWire13 April 2015view icon
    Nocturnal Koreans22 April 2016view icon
    Silver/Lead31 March 2017view icon

    Box Sets

    Pink Flag / Chairs Missing / Wire 154 [selection/best of]March 2006view icon
    Wire: 1977-1979 ~ Pinkflag (America) [selection/best of]14 May 2006view icon
    Wire Nine Sevens 1977-1980 Box Set primary image cover photoNine Sevens 1977-1980 [selection/best of]21 April 2018view icon


    MannequinNovember 1977view icon
    I Am The FlyFebruary 1978view icon
    Dot DashJune 1978view icon
    Outdoor MinerJanuary 1979view icon
    A Question Of DegreeJune 1979view icon
    Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºWOctober 1979view icon
    Our SwimmerApril 1981view icon
    Crazy About LoveMarch 1983view icon
    SnakedrillNovember 1986view icon
    The Peel SessionsJanuary 1987view icon
    AheadMarch 1987view icon
    Kidney BingosFebruary 1988view icon
    Silk Skin PawsJune 1988view icon
    Eardrum BuzzMarch 1989view icon
    In VivoJuly 1989view icon
    Life In The Manscape1990view icon
    VienSeptember 1997view icon
    The Third Day2000view icon
    Twelve Times You4 January 2001view icon
    Spent2002view icon
    Read & Burn 0127 May 2002view icon
    Read & Burn 021 October 2002view icon
    Read & Burn 035 November 2007view icon
    Love BendsFebruary 2013view icon
    Joust & Jostle13 April 2015view icon
    Wire Burning Bridges Single primary image cover photoBurning BridgesJune 2015view icon

    Music Videos

    Eardrum BuzzMarch 1989view icon


    The Drill [live]March 1997view icon
    The Scottish Play: 2004 [live]28 March 2005view icon
    21 Jul 1985 Bloomsbury Theatre, London [live]2011view icon

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