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Recoil(1) Discography


Recoil 1+2 Album primary image cover photo1+21 September 1986view icon
Recoil Hydrology Album primary image cover photoHydrology25 January 1988view icon
Recoil Bloodline Album primary image cover photoBloodline13 April 1992view icon
Recoil Unsound Methods Album primary image cover photoUnsound Methods27 October 1997view icon
Recoil Liquid Album primary image cover photoLiquid6 March 2000view icon
Recoil subHuman Album primary image cover photosubHuman6 July 2007view icon
Recoil Selected Album primary image cover photoSelected [selection/best of]16 April 2010view icon


Faith Healer9 March 1992view icon
Drifting13 October 1997view icon
Stalker9 March 1998view icon
Strange Hours3 April 2000view icon
Jezebel18 September 2000view icon
Recoil Prey Single primary image cover photoPrey25 June 2007view icon
Recoil Want (The Architect Mixes) Single primary image cover photoWant (The Architect Mixes)17 October 2010view icon
Recoil Want (Rebuilt by AlexFX) Single primary image cover photoWant (Rebuilt by AlexFX)22 December 2012view icon
Dede Calling The Clock Single primary image cover photoDede featuring Alan Wilder
Calling The Clock
18 November 2016view icon

Interview Items

Alan Wilder Interview Edits5 May 1992view icon


The Killing Ground (The Slips RMX)1 October 2007view icon
Prey (Shotgun Mix)8 December 2008view icon


A Strange Hour - Radio Special Edit [live]6 January 2013view icon


Unsound Methods EPK1997view icon
Recoil A Strange Hour In Budapest Video primary image cover photoA Strange Hour In Budapest [live]21 July 2012view icon

Music Videos

Faith Healer1992view icon
DriftingOctober 1997view icon
Stalker1998view icon
Strange Hours2000view icon
JezebelSeptember 2000view icon
Intruders3 November 2010view icon

Documentary Films

Recoil Collected Documentary Film primary image cover photoCollectedSeptember 2011view icon

Tools For Recoil Discography

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