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    They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top3 October 2001view icon
    Live At The Garage, London, 17.02.02 [live]20 February 2002view icon
    Liars They Were Wrong, So We Drowned Album primary image cover photoThey Were Wrong, So We Drowned17 December 2003view icon
    Drum's Not Dead20 February 2006view icon
    Liars20 August 2007view icon
    Liars Live At The Music Hall Of Williamsburg Album primary image cover photoLive At The Music Hall Of Williamsburg [live]2010view icon
    Liars Sisterworld Album primary image cover photoSisterworld8 March 2010view icon
    WIXIW4 June 2012view icon
    Liars Mess Album primary image cover photoMess24 March 2014view icon
    Liars TFCF Album primary image cover photoTFCF25 August 2017view icon


    Mr. You're On Fire Mr.2002view icon
    We No Longer Knew Who We Were8 September 2002view icon
    Fins To Make Us More Fish-likeDecember 2002view icon
    There's Always Room On The Broom10 February 2004view icon
    We Fenced Other Gardens With the Bones Of Our Own27 May 2004view icon
    It Fit When I Was A Kid21 November 2005view icon
    The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack13 February 2006view icon
    Leopard On My Right2007view icon
    Plaster Casts Of Everything6 August 2007view icon
    House Clouds29 October 2007view icon
    Freak Out EP2008view icon
    Scissor12 February 2010view icon
    The Overachievers21 May 2010view icon
    Live In XOYO London June 12, 2012 [live]2012view icon
    Proud Evolution2012view icon
    I Saw You From The Lifeboat2012view icon
    Liars No 1 Against The Rush Single primary image cover photoNo 1 Against The Rush28 May 2012view icon
    Brats15 October 2012view icon
    Mess On A Mission14 March 2014view icon
    Pro Anti Anti30 June 2014view icon
    I'm No Gold4 November 2014view icon
    Liars VFCF Single primary image cover photoVFCF23 February 2018view icon


    The Grand Delusional25 July 2017view icon

    Music Videos

    Cred Woes29 August 2017view icon
    Staring At Zero27 September 2017view icon

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