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Inspiral Carpets Discography


Dung 41989view icon
Inspiral Carpets Life Album primary image cover photoLife23 April 1990view icon
The Beast Inside22 April 1991view icon
Revenge Of The Goldfish5 October 1992view icon
Inspiral Carpets Devil Hopping Album primary image cover photoDevil Hopping7 March 1994view icon
The Singles [selection/best of]18 September 1995view icon
Cool As2003view icon
Greatest Hits [selection/best of]27 October 2003view icon
Keep The Circle: B-sides And Udder Stuff [selection/best of]26 February 2007view icon
Inspiral Carpets20 October 2014view icon


Planecrash EP1988view icon
Trainsurfing EP1989view icon
Find Out Why21 August 1989view icon
Cool As **** EP1990view icon
This Is How It Feels5 March 1990view icon
She Comes In The Fall18 June 1990view icon
JoeJuly 1990view icon
MoveJuly 1990view icon
Island Head e.p.21 December 1990view icon
CaravanMarch 1991view icon
Please Be CruelJune 1991view icon
Smoking Her Clothes1992view icon
Dragging Me Down17 February 1992view icon
Two Worlds CollideMay 1992view icon
GenerationsSeptember 1992view icon
Bitches Brew2 November 1992view icon
How It Should Be24 May 1993view icon
Saturn 5January 1994view icon
Inspiral Carpets featuring Mark E Smith
I Want You
21 February 1994view icon
UniformApril 1994view icon
JoeSeptember 1995view icon
Come Back Tomorrow14 July 2003view icon
You're So Good For Me21 November 2011view icon
Fix Your Smile19 May 2013view icon
Spitfire25 August 2014view icon
Let You Down26 January 2015view icon


21.7.901990view icon
Spool As [selection/best of]2003view icon
Live At Brixton Academy [live]26 January 2004view icon

Music Videos

Commercial Rainunknownview icon
Bitches Brewunknownview icon
Generationsunknownview icon
Find Out Why1989view icon
Biggest Mountain1990view icon
This Is How It Feels1990view icon
Move1990view icon
Please Be Cruel1991view icon
Caravan1991view icon
Two Worlds Collide1992view icon
Dragging Me Down1992view icon
How It Should Be1993view icon
Saturn 51994view icon
Uniform1994view icon
Inspiral Carpets featuring Mark E Smith
I Want You
February 1994view icon
Joe1995view icon
Come Back TomorrowJuly 2003view icon
Spitfire2014view icon
Inspiral Carpets featuring John Cooper Clarke
Let You Down
2015view icon

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