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    Goldfrapp Felt Mountain Album primary image cover photoFelt Mountain11 September 2000view icon
    Live In Concert [live]2001view icon
    Goldfrapp Radio Show2001view icon
    Black Cherry23 April 2004view icon
    Supernature17 August 2005view icon
    Goldfrapp We Are Glitter Album primary image cover photoWe Are GlitterOctober 2006view icon
    Goldfrapp iTunes Originals Album primary image cover photoiTunes Originals [selection/best of]2008view icon
    Seventh Tree25 February 2008view icon
    Live (O2 Academy, Bristol, 9 November 2010) [live]2010view icon
    Head First19 March 2010view icon
    The Singles [selection/best of]February 2012view icon
    Goldfrapp Tales Of Us Album primary image cover photoTales Of Us6 September 2013view icon
    Goldfrapp Silver Eye Album primary image cover photoSilver Eye31 March 2017view icon


    Goldfrapp Lovely Head Single primary image cover photoLovely Head29 May 2000view icon
    Goldfrapp Utopia Single primary image cover photoUtopia6 November 2000view icon
    Pilots11 February 2001view icon
    Goldfrapp Human Single primary image cover photoHuman26 February 2001view icon
    Goldfrapp Utopia (Genetically Enriched) Single primary image cover photoUtopia (Genetically Enriched)11 June 2001view icon
    Goldfrapp Train Single primary image cover photoTrain14 April 2003view icon
    Strict Machine21 July 2003view icon
    Twist3 November 2003view icon
    Black Cherry23 February 2004view icon
    Strict Machine (Remixes)10 May 2004view icon
    Goldfrapp Wonderful Electric (Live In London) Single primary image cover photoWonderful Electric (Live In London) [live]27 September 2004view icon
    Ooh La LaSeptember 2005view icon
    Number 131 October 2005view icon
    Goldfrapp Live Session Single primary image cover photoLive Session [live]2006view icon
    Ride A White Horse13 February 2006view icon
    Fly Me Away1 May 2006view icon
    Goldfrapp Satin Boys, Flaming Chic Single primary image cover photoSatin Boys, Flaming Chic4 September 2006view icon
    Clowns2008view icon
    A&E11 February 2008view icon
    Happiness14 April 2008view icon
    Caravan Girl30 June 2008view icon
    Goldfrapp iTunes Festival: London 2010 Single primary image cover photoiTunes Festival: London 2010 [live]2010view icon
    Rocket8 March 2010view icon
    AliveMay 2010view icon
    Believer6 September 2010view icon
    Melancholy Sky6 February 2012view icon
    DrewAugust 2013view icon
    AnabelAugust 2013view icon
    Thea24 March 2014view icon
    Goldfrapp Anymore Single primary image cover photoAnymore24 February 2017view icon
    Goldfrapp Ocean Single primary image cover photoOcean10 March 2017view icon
    Goldfrapp Moon In Your Mouth Single primary image cover photoMoon In Your Mouth24 March 2017view icon
    Goldfrapp Systemagic/Anymore (Remixes) Single primary image cover photoSystemagic/Anymore (Remixes)12 May 2017view icon
    Goldfrapp Everything Is Never Enough Single primary image cover photoEverything Is Never Enough22 September 2017view icon
    Goldfrapp Ocean Single primary image cover photoGoldfrapp featuring Dave Gahan
    21 May 2018view icon

    Tour Recordings

    Live 2005 [live]2005view icon


    6 Songs [selection/best of]2001view icon
    Sampler [selection/best of]2006view icon


    Stranger (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)8 December 2015view icon


    Goldfrapp Number 1 (Making Of The Video) Video primary image cover photoNumber 1 (Making Of The Video)unknownview icon
    Goldfrapp Black Cherry EPK Video primary image cover photoBlack Cherry EPK2003view icon
    Wonderful Electric - Live In London [live]26 August 2004view icon
    Goldfrapp Channel 4 Video primary image cover photoChannel 4 [live]August 2005view icon
    BBC Electric Proms [live]October 2008view icon

    Music Videos

    A&EFebruary 2008view icon
    Caravan GirlJune 2008view icon
    Anymore9 February 2017view icon
    Systemagic24 April 2017view icon
    Systemagic (Live at Summer Series at Somerset House with American Express® - 360º video)19 July 2017view icon
    Everything Is Never Enough7 September 2017view icon
    Goldfrapp featuring Dave Gahan
    28 May 2018view icon

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