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Fad Gadget Discography


Fad Gadget Fireside Favourites Album primary image cover photoFireside Favourites1 September 1980view icon
Fad Gadget Incontinent Album primary image cover photoIncontinent9 November 1981view icon
Fad Gadget Under The Flag Album primary image cover photoUnder The FlagSeptember 1982view icon
Fad Gadget Gag Album primary image cover photoGagFebruary 1984view icon
Frank Tovey The Fad Gadget Singles Album primary image cover photoFrank Tovey / Fad Gadget
The Fad Gadget Singles [selection/best of]
November 1986view icon
Fad Gadget The Best Of Fad Gadget Album primary image cover photoThe Best Of Fad Gadget [selection/best of]15 October 2001view icon

Box Sets

Fad Gadget Fad Gadget By Frank Tovey Box Set primary image cover photoFad Gadget By Frank Tovey [selection/best of]11 September 2006view icon


Back To NatureOctober 1979view icon
Fad Gadget Ricky's Hand Single primary image cover photoRicky's Hand21 March 1980view icon
Fad Gadget Insecticide Single primary image cover photoInsecticideSeptember 1980view icon
Make RoomMarch 1981view icon
Saturday Night SpecialJanuary 1982view icon
King Of The FliesApril 1982view icon
Fad Gadget Life On The Line Single primary image cover photoLife On The LineSeptember 1982view icon
For Whom The Bell TollsJanuary 1983view icon
I Discover Love9 September 1983view icon
Collapsing New People {1st Release}January 1984view icon
Fad Gadget One Man's Meat Single primary image cover photoOne Man's MeatMay 1984view icon
Fad Gadget Fireside Favourite Single primary image cover photoFireside Favourite2001view icon
Collapsing New People {2nd Release}2003view icon


Depeche Mode | Fad Gadget (split release)
Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead / King Of The Flies
September 1981view icon
Fad Gadget | Mecano (split release)
Untitled / March Of The Iron Workers
February 1983view icon

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