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    Die Krupps Stahlwerksinfonie Album primary image cover photoStahlwerksinfonie1981view icon
    Volle Kraft Voraus!21 June 1982view icon
    Entering The Arena1985view icon
    Metall Maschinen Musik: 91-81 Past Forward [selection/best of]August 1991view icon
    I22 June 1992view icon
    A Tribute To MetallicaDecember 1992view icon
    Die Krupps II - The Final Option Album primary image cover photoII - The Final OptionNovember 1993view icon
    The Final RemixesSeptember 1994view icon
    III - Odyssey Of The Mind31 July 1995view icon
    Foundation [selection/best of]1997view icon
    Paradise NowJune 1997view icon
    Too Much History - The Electro Years Vol. 1 [selection/best of]2007view icon
    Too Much History - The Metal Years Vol. 2 [selection/best of]2007view icon
    Die Krupps Too Much History Vol.1+2 Album primary image cover photoToo Much History Vol.1+2 [selection/best of]2007view icon
    Die Krupps Volle Kraft Null Acht Album primary image cover photoVolle Kraft Null Acht2009view icon
    Die Krupps Als Wären Wir Für Immer Album primary image cover photoAls Wären Wir Für ImmerNovember 2010view icon
    Die Krupps The Machinists Of Joy Album primary image cover photoThe Machinists Of Joy2013view icon
    Die Krupps LIVE Cold Waves III Album primary image cover photoLIVE Cold Waves III [live]2014view icon
    Die Krupps V – Metal Machine Music Album primary image cover photoV – Metal Machine Music28 August 2015view icon
    Die Krupps Stahlwerkrequiem Album primary image cover photoStahlwerkrequiem24 June 2016view icon

    Box Sets

    Die Krupps1993view icon


    Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn1981view icon
    Die Krupps Goldfinger Single primary image cover photoGoldfinger15 April 1982view icon
    Risk1985view icon
    Die Krupps The Machineries Of Joy Single primary image cover photoDie Krupps featuring Nitzer Ebb
    The Machineries Of Joy
    1 May 1989view icon
    Germaniac1990view icon
    Metal Machine Music1992view icon
    The Power1993view icon
    Enter Sandman1993view icon
    FatherlandOctober 1993view icon
    To The HiltFebruary 1994view icon
    CrossfireJuly 1994view icon
    BloodsuckersNovember 1994view icon
    Isolation1995view icon
    Scent1995view icon
    Front Line Assembly vs Die Krupps
    The Remix Wars - Strike 2
    June 1996view icon
    Fire1997view icon
    Rise Up1997view icon
    Black Beauty White Heat1997view icon
    Germaniac 20012001view icon
    Die Krupps 252005view icon
    Nitzer Ebb | Die Krupps (split release)
    Join In The Rhythm Of Machines
    2011view icon
    Industrie-Mädchen2012view icon
    Die Krupps Risikofaktor Single primary image cover photoRisikofaktor2012view icon
    Die Krupps Robo Sapien Single primary image cover photoRobo Sapien31 October 2014view icon
    Die Krupps Battle Extreme/Fly Martyrs Fly Single primary image cover photoBattle Extreme/Fly Martyrs Fly14 August 2015view icon
    Die Krupps Kaltes Herz Single primary image cover photoKaltes Herz23 October 2015view icon
    Die Krupps Alive In A Glass Cage Single primary image cover photoDie Krupps & Caliban
    Alive In A Glass Cage
    29 July 2016view icon


    V1 - The Video [selection/best of]1992view icon
    Die Krupps Live Im Schatten Der Ringe Video primary image cover photoLive Im Schatten Der Ringe [live]13 May 2016view icon

    Music Videos

    The Machineries Of JoyJuly 1989view icon

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