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    Alternate names: Yaz
    Artist start date: 1982
    Artist end date: 1983

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    Assimilated News via CyberNoise

    • 06/08/2018: Yazoo @yazooinfo (bowing to fan pressure) to release 'Four Pieces: A Yazoo Compendium' as CD edition featuring the same tracks as the vinyl edition
    • 30/07/2018: Yazoo @yazooinfo to release 'Four Pieces: A Yazoo Compendium' 4xLP hardback book box set on 26/10/2018 (50 random pre-orders from official store/@lexermusic come with art card signed by both Vince @VeryRecords and Alison @AlisonMoyet)
    • 12/03/2018: Yazoo (Vince Clarke @VeryRecords + Alison Moyet + @AlisonMoyet) to release 'Situation (The Francois K Remixes)' limited edition 12" single on 21/04/2018 for @recordstoreday via @MuteUK #RSD #RSD18 #RSD2018
    • 20/11/2017: Yazoo (Vince Clarke @VeryRecords + Alison Moyet + @AlisonMoyet) release orchestrated 'Only You (2017 Version)' digital single via @MuteUK
    • 27/08/2012: Music Deluxe are releasing (yet another) Yazoo compilation 'Collection' - this time a 2xCD affair with 12' remixes included -
    • 13/08/2012: Yazoo's 'Upstairs At Eric's' has been rereleased by Mobile Fidelity as a numbered limited vinyl LP -
    • 20/02/2012: Yazoo EMI Gold release a new low-price 'Essential' compilation on 19/03/2012 -


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