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Through The Occupied Netherlands1983view icon
Laibach Neu Konservatiw Album primary image cover photoNeu Konservatiw1985view icon
Laibach Rekapitulacija 1980-84 Album primary image cover photoRekapitulacija 1980-841985view icon
Laibach Laibach Album primary image cover photoLaibach1985view icon
Ein Schauspieler1985view icon
Laibach Nova Akropola Album primary image cover photoNova AkropolaDecember 1985view icon
The Occupied Europe Tour 1985 [live]July 1986view icon
Slovenska Akropola [selection/best of]1987view icon
Laibach Opus Dei Album primary image cover photoOpus Dei23 March 1987view icon
Krst Pod Triglavom - BaptismNovember 1987view icon
Laibach Let It Be Album primary image cover photoLet It Be24 October 1988view icon
Laibach Macbeth Album primary image cover photoMacbeth22 January 1990view icon
Laibach Sympathy For The Devil Album primary image cover photoSympathy For The DevilMarch 1990view icon
Laibach Kapital Album primary image cover photoKapital6 April 1992view icon
Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd24 May 1993view icon
Laibach NATO Album primary image cover photoNATO10 October 1994view icon
Laibach Jesus Christ Superstars Album primary image cover photoJesus Christ Superstars28 October 1996view icon
Laibach M.B. December 21, 1984 Album primary image cover photoM.B. December 21, 198431 July 1997view icon
Laibach WAT Album primary image cover photoWAT19 August 2003view icon
Laibach Anthems Album primary image cover photoAnthems [selection/best of]2 September 2004view icon
Laibach Volk Album primary image cover photoVolk23 October 2006view icon
Volk Tour London CC Club 16.04.2007 [live]2007view icon
Laibach Laibachkunstderfuge Album primary image cover photoLaibachkunstderfuge5 May 2008view icon
Laibach Iron Sky Album primary image cover photoIron Sky [soundtrack]30 April 2012view icon
Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde Live At Tate Modern / 14 April 2012 [live]May 2012view icon
Laibach An Introduction To … Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited Album primary image cover photoAn Introduction To … Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited [selection/best of]3 September 2012view icon
Laibach Spectre Album primary image cover photoSpectre3 March 2014view icon
Live - North American Tour 2015 [live]21 July 2015view icon

Box Sets

Laibach Occupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-95 Box Set primary image cover photoOccupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-95August 1996view icon
Gesamtkunstwerk - Dokument 81-86 [selection/best of]2011view icon


BojiMarch 1984view icon
PanoramaMay 1984view icon
Die LiebeNovember 1985view icon
Geburt Einer NationMarch 1987view icon
Life Is LifeJuly 1987view icon
Sympathy For The DevilSeptember 1988view icon
Across The UniverseDecember 1988view icon
3. Oktober - Geburt Einer NationOctober 1990view icon
Wirtschaft Ist Tot6 April 1992view icon
Final Countdown12 September 1994view icon
In The Army NowMay 1995view icon
Jesus Christ Superstar / God Is GodNovember 1996view icon
Tanz Mit Laibach4 August 2003view icon
Laibach Das Spiel Ist Aus Single primary image cover photoDas Spiel Ist Aus13 September 2004view icon
Laibach Anglia Single primary image cover photoAngliaOctober 2006view icon
Laibach 1 VIII 1944 Warszawa EP Single primary image cover photo1 VIII 1944 Warszawa EPOctober 2014view icon
Laibach S Single primary image cover photoS14 October 2014view icon


How The West Was Wonunknownview icon
Bravo1993view icon
A Film From Slovenia1993view icon
Laibach [selection/best of]1 November 2004view icon
Divided States Of America13 November 2006view icon
Volk Dead In Trbovlje [live]23 June 2008view icon

Music Videos

The Whistleblowers 2.0 (Assange+Snowden+Manning +...version)17 June 2016view icon

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